Saturday, December 1, 2018

WhatsApp Latest Updates - Hide DP and Last seen for Selected Users

WhatsApp Tricks Shortcuts Top Ten Features to be known by users

WhatsApp has introduced it's latest update in Privacy Section. Users can Hide their Display Picture DP/ Profile Pic for the users they don't want to see. Also Last seen may be hidden from selected contacts. Here is the process
  • Go to Settings in WhatsApp
  • Select Account
  • Select Privacy
  • Select Last Seen
  • Select My Contacts Except 
  • Select Contacts that you want hide from
  • Click on Done
 Same process should follow to Hide Profile pic from selected Whatsapp users 

WhatsApp is a Social Messenger have been using through out the world in huge. Here are the top 10 WhatsApp Tips Tricks/Shortcuts to make our work easy on whatsApp. These features of WhatsApp make our message more attractive. This Posting will teach us how to Pin Chat, How to call Group Video Call How to Make Text Bold Italic and Strike Share your Live Location Edit Photos Pics How to Star Messages How to use WhatsApp on Desk Top/ Laptop Add Separate Shortcut on Screen. How to update Status on WhatsApp Watch this Video and Know more about the Free Social Messenger WhatsApp whatsapp-tricks-tips-shortcuts-top-ten-features-hacks-know-here

Tricks in WhatsApp, which is famous and well known social media App used by everyone. Everyone Will be able to look at the status of the person who are in their contact list text by typing what they wish. Let us know how to see the status of a person without knowing that we have seen that particular whatsapp status. Sending a Text message without typing the text message. Now let us learn the similar tricks which are available in WhatsApp. The people with an Android mobile will use WhatsApp as a messenger to make message to their friends and families and also to send photos and videos. Most of the people doesn't know some operations in WhatsApp, Now let us find those operations and tricks of WhatsApp.

A Message can be sent on WhatsApp without typing, to do this we doesn't need to do anything,  With the help of Google assistant on your Android mobile, or by using Siri app in iPhone you can record what you need to send to the others and can tell others which will follow as well.

WhatsApp users will receive so many messages everyday where some important messages will be there to read them whenever they need and that time finding those messages will be difficult to find those text, now it is easy by clicking on Star which is available in every message then it will be marked as stared message, that message you can find in the settings of messages then you will see what ever message you want to check.

Sometimes you will be getting no storage space or storage space is running out continuously, you need to know that there is space in the WhatsApp also if you want to know more about it then click on storage from the WhatsApp settings there you can find it. messages storage which shows all the files with the size according to it then you can select the files which are larger than 5 MB,  by looking at according to the size then you can delete the unnecessary files from it.

One of the privacy feature which is available on WhatsApp about the status, if you want to see others status then you will be visible to them that you have seen their status but if you doesn't want to show your name on their status then you just need to change the setting as go to the settings option from the whatsapp then select accounts then go to the privacy settings then click on reader receipt, if you select that option from the privacy settings then even you do don't know who have seen your status when you shared something in your WhatsApp status. By changing the settings if you see anyone status when the person who shared something in the status they doesn't know that you have seen their status.

As we know that we can use whatsapp on the web browser which is available web browser where you need to just select WhatsApp that from the settings then you can check to how many  browsers we have used for logging in and the  list of computers,  click on the WhatsApp web and to know how many computers you want to log out this click on the computer where you need to logout then you just click on it then you can go through WhatsApp logout from the particular computer or from the web.

When you want to get a copy of document xerox in the shop then you need to share the document only by sending to through the  WhatsApp by saving  that particular mobile number of the shop person. There is another process to get the xerox ofthe document by just opening a browser then type https:/ Phone=xxxxxxxxxx( mobile number of ten digits). Then you can see the WhatsApp on the web browser. There you can send the message, documents and photos to that particular number.

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