Friday, November 30, 2018

How to Conduct Mock Poll and Seal EVM VVPAT Watch Video

How to Seal EVM and VVPAT after Mock Poll Watch Here
Election Presiding Officers and Asst Presiding Officers have to Conduct Mock Poll before commencement of Polling on the Polling Day after conducting Mock Poll Officials have to seal the Electronic Voting Machine EVM and VVPAT Properly. Most of the Election Staff have doubt on Sealing EVM with Green Seal Special Tag Strip Seal and Step by Step Process to be Sealed is here. and after the Election How to Pack the Forms Election Material in different category of Packets here are the details how-to-seal-evm-and-vvpat-after-mock-poll-watch-video

How to Seal EVM and VVPAT in Election

How to Act from Material Collection Centre to Material Submission Centre by the Presiding Officers and Asst Presiding Officers. Here are the Suggessions and Instructions in Telugu
Click Here to Download Telugu Instructions for POs and APOs

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Download Tally Sheets for Mock Poll and After Here

Single Page Useful for POs Download
Download Tally Sheets for Mock Poll
Download Tally Sheets for Votes Count Male and Female
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Download Instructions to POs and APOs in Telugu 
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