Check your PAN AADHAAR Link / Link your PAN and AADHAAR

Linking AAdhaar and PAN Online is must, said Income Tax Department of India. Tax Payers have to link their PAN and Aadhaar by 31.03.2021. The Date may extent further. So every individual have to Check the Status of Link between PAN and AAdhaar, if not linked then have to Link now. 
How to Check Status / Link AADHAAR for  Income Tax Returns with PAN and IT Dept Website
Yesterday Supreme court of Indida has ordered that its compulsary to link AADHAAR with PAN number for Income Tax Returns filing. Check here wheather your AADHAAR linked with PAN or not. Now it is mandatory to link up your AADHAAR number with Income Tax Department website and as well as your PAN Number. Know here How to Link AADHAAR with PAN and Income Tax eFiling website how-to-check-status-link-aadhaar-to-pan--income-tax-dept-details
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Check AADHAAR PAN Linking Status Here

As per the Supreme Court order it is compulsary to link AADHAAR with PAN and Income Tax eFiling website. Teachers Employees and Tax payers have to Link their AADHAAR with PAN and eFiling website. Some of the Tax Payers have already linked their AADHAAR with Income Tax Department. So they have to check their AADHAAR linking status with their PAN and eFiling website. If status find like " Your PAN is Linked to Aadhaar number XXXX XXXX 4177 " then it is confirmed that your Aadhaar linked with PAN. If you get negative then you have to Link your Aadhaar to PAN

How to Link Aadhaar to PAN - Process
  1. First Check your Aadhaar Link Status Click here
  2. Visit
  3. Click on Link Aadhaar at left side Bar
  4. Enter PAN AADHAAR numbers
  5. Enter your name as per printed on Aadhaar
  6. Click on Terms and Conditions
  7. Ener Captcha
  8. Click on Link Aadhaar
Click here to Check Details

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