Friday, April 10, 2020

Maskon Policy in Telangana Memo No 2133 Dated 09.04.2020

Memo no 2133 D 2020 Maskon.
GOVERNMENT OF TELANGANA HEALTH, MEDICAL & FAMILY (D) WELFARE DEPARTMENT  Memo No-21331D12020 Dated:09.4.20aQ Sub: COVID-19- MaskON Policy The latest advisory to curb the spread of the Carona Virus Propagation and implementation of MaskOn Policy at all levels in the state -Regarding

The earlier advisory on "Masks only for the Sick" is being updated to "MaSkOn - while stepping outdoors, in closed spaces and while interacting with others". This update is based on the latest iearnings from the medical and scientific community. Studies in Japan have shown that MaskOn has slowed the spread of Carona Virus considerably.
2. This revision of advice is based on the learning that a large number of infected people do not show any symptoms - are asymptomatic - but, are still carriers of the infection and can infect others,
3. Covld-19 is a droplet infection that spreads through droplets released while sneezing, coughing and talking. Therefore, MaskOn will prevent the droplets from escaping and potentially infect others and will protect you from inhaling infected droplets.
4. Homemade Cotton double layer reusable Masks are recommended for use as the first line of protection, The MaskOn Policy should be followed by all citizens whenever, they step outside their home or are in closed spaces and while talking to others.
5. The following points may be strictly ensured:

  1. The mask should cover nose, mouth and chin completely. These should be no space between the face and mask. If you are using a home-made cloth mask, ensure that the mask is worn in such a manner that the pleats face downwards 
  2. All offices and work places may be encouraged to use Masks by all their employees at all times. Mask should be used by all frontline workers while on duty. 
  3. All residents of rural areas should also be encouraged to use masks while at work or in public places
  4. MaskOn doesn't mean that mask will hang around the neck. v. Wash your hands thoroughly before wearing the mask. At the beginning of the day, use only freshly washed and cleaned mask. As soon as the mask becomes damp or humid, switch to another mask and clean the used mask. Never reuse a mask after single use without cleaning it, 

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