Monday, June 29, 2020

Corona Covid19 Treatment at Home Isolation Suggestions Precautions

Corona Covid19 Treatment Home Isolation Suggestions Precautions 
Corona treatment at Home Guidelines released by Government. The Corona patients with mild symptoms need not to admit in Hospitals. They take treatment at Home following some suggestions and precautions. corona-covid19-treatment-at-home-suggestions-precautions-food

Basic symptoms of Covid19
1. Congestion or runny nose
2. Nausea
3. Diarrhea
4. Fever or chills
6. Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
8.Muscle or body aches
9. Headache
10. New loss of taste or smell
11. Sore throat

People with above symptoms have to undergone Covid19 Treatment at Home for 17 Days with Doctors suggestions. If symptoms getting heavy, then have to consult doctors. Senior Citizens, Children should be kept away from the Corona Patient. Special diet should be prepared for the Corona patients.

Arrangements for Covid19 Patient Treatment at Home

A separate room with complete ventilation, air circulation should be allotted
Separate Washroom should be there
Healthy Family member should help to the Corona patient
The People suffering with Asthama, BP, Sugar , heart related issues, Kidney problems and Pregnant ladies, Senior Citizens should be shifted to another safe place
As per the Doctors Prescription, Corona Patient should use HCQ Tablets
HCQ Tablets are available at Primary Health Centers
Corona Patients should Download Aarogya Sethu App and answer to Health Volunteers and Doctors about health condition

Precautions to be Followed by Corona Patient
While getting off from bed, or going out should wear Mask
Corona Patient should be covered his mouth by Tissue paper himself and immediately should be threw in dust bin
Covid19 Patient should drink 2 Litre of warm water every day
Corona patient should be sanitized himself while going to wash room and coming back. The things touched by the patient are also should be washed with soap
Patient should wash his clothes himself after soaking in dettol warm water for an hour
As per the doctors prescriptions, medication should be followed strictly
As Corona Virus effects the lungs more than other organs in the body, Should stop smoking, keeping away himself/herself from smoke

Suggestions to Corona Patient Helpers
Should use 3 layers Mask while entering into Corona Patient Room
Should not touch the mask in the room and should be burnt after one time use outside house
Covid19 patient helpers should not touch eyes, face, mouth while being with the patient
Should wash hands before going help and after coming from the Corona patient room for 40 to 50 seconds
Covid19 Patients should wash their hands before going to Cook food properly
Should serve food for corona patient in their isolation room only
If temperature of the corona patient crosses 37.80 ( 100F ) then helpers should call toll free numbers doctors

Food for Corona patients or with Mild Symptoms
Corona Patients should eat Brown Rice, Wheat Chapathi, Oats, Millets
Beams Chikkudu Pappu Dhanyalu provides Proteins to body
Fresh fruits like Lemon, Capsicum, bitroot Brinjal vegetables should be taken
Spices like Ginger, Garlic, Haldi should be given in food as they boost immunity power
Non Veg like Skinless Chicken Fishes Eggs should be taken to get more proteins
Mydha, Fries, Junk Food, Cool Drinks Coconut water, Butter should not be taken
Non Veg should eat twice in a week and should not eat liver

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