Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Add me to Search - Create Google People Card Virtual Visit Card Online for Google Users

 Add me to Search - Create Google People Card Virtual Visit Card Online for Google Users

Most of the Google users want to appear their name on Google Search. Google brought an opportunity to you to search and find out about other people ... as well as others to find out about you. Google Launched a special service for this. The World number 1 tech company has launched special People cards for Indian consumers. With this, users in India will be able to create virtual visiting cards on Google search. Know here how to create Google People Card Google seach People's Card New Service Indian Users Visible to the world

How to Create Google People Card Online

The People who want to create Google Card, they should have Google Account first. Google Account means nothing but Gmail Account. Most people have Google Account now to Sign in their Android Phone. 

This Google Card Helps to make the people to know about your Profile, Hobbies, Profession, Social Activities and business. For this, customers have to give their mobile number. People card is issued only after full investigation. Customers will have the opportunity to withdraw this People Card whenever they wish. Customers are required to provide their photo, business and residence details to make the People's Card. Customers can also add information like their education, contacts, village, social media profiles to this card if desired. Customers have complete control over their card. We can erase or change our information whenever we want. 

Create Google People Card Now..

  1. Go to Google 
  2. Type as Add me to Search
  3. Select your Google Account ( Gmail )
  4. Click on Get Started
  5. Enter the details like Hobbies, Education, Profession, Social Media Accounts Details and Click on Save
  6. Your Google People Account has been created