Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Pollution Certificate PUC is must for Vehicle Insurance Claim - Read Here

 PUC Pollution Certificate is must for Vehicle Insurance Claim - Read Here

Do you have Vehicle of 2 wheeler or 4 wheeler? Up to now Vehicle Insurance is compulsory and it is an offence. Pollution Certificate also must to avoid RTO Challana on any 2 3 4 and more Wheels. But now IRDA Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India made certain changes in claiming Vehicle Insurance here after. Vehicle must and should have Pollution Certificate active to claim any kind of Insurance, IRDA given guidelines to Insurance agencies make changes accordingly in Terms and conditions while purchasing Vehicle Insurance from the Insurance Agencies. 

So Vehicle owners be alert of activeness of you vehicle Pollution Certificate at all time. Otherwise you may not able to claim your Vehicle Insurance without/ Expired Pollution Certificate of your vehicle. Vehicle Pollution Certificate should be renwal for every 6 months for every vehicle you have, otherwise you will be looser of your vehicle Insurance benefits. So please check your Vehicle Pollution Certificate whether it is Active or expired. If not active, please visit nearest Pollution Check vehicle approved by RTO and immediately renwal your Vehicle Pollution Certificate 

Vehicle insurance claims will not be paid for any accident if the PUC certificate is found to be invalid on the day of the accident. ... The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) has instructed insurance companies to not to give vehicle insurance policies without the PUC certificate