Wednesday, October 7, 2020

How to Upload Non Agricultural Property Details Online for TS Dharani Website @

 How to Upload Non Agricultural Property Details Online for TS Dharani Website

Government of Telangana started enlisting Non agriculture properties to issue new marron NPB (Non agriculture property book). Please click the below link for enlisting Non agriculture property for getting new maroon NPB (Non agriculture property book).Telangana Government allowing people to upload their Non Agricultural property Online fir Dharani web portal. Here is the official Link to update your Residential / Commercial ( Non Agricultural Property ) Online. Know here the complete Process to Upload your Assets Details Online telangana-non-agricultural-property-details-upload-online-process-for-dharani-website-portal

Step By Step Process to Upload Property Details Online

Go to the Official Link given Here  

Enter Mobile Number

Enter OTP will be recieved to given mobile number

Property Falls Under ( GHMC/Muncipality/ Gram Panchayat )

Enter Property Identification number ( If you don't know your Property Identification Number, then Click here to Know

Your Property Form will be opened

Fill the the details carefully

At Identification Document Details If u select Non of above, Aadhaar Identification will be allowed

Upload your Photo 

Click on Submit

Download Model Completed Form

Click here to Upload Details


On the one hand, there is the concern that if the details of the assets in the land are not registered, there will be trouble in the future. On the other hand, the public fears that the corona could be accidentally infected if government department personnel come to the homes to collect details. The government has made it possible for owners to upload property details to check for such problems. Sending a link to your service portal to property taxpayer mobile numbers. Details of non-agricultural assets can be uploaded on the Dharani portal through that link. 

If you register online , Details of assets registered by citizens along with Dharani portal. The concerned corporation, municipality and panchayat authorities are also aware. This will prevent staff from coming to your house / building. A GHMC official said that the staff would almost certainly not go to the collection of details of the assets registered online and would go back if the concerned owners told them that they had already registered even if they went with a data error. 'We do not have access to your service portal yet.