Tuesday, October 6, 2020

AP Jagananna Vidya Kanuka details Upload Online @studeninfo.ap.gov.in - Install App

 AP Jagananna Vidya Kanuka details Upload Online - Install App

Jagananna Vidya Kanuka Kits Distribution programme will be Inaugrated by the AP CM Jaganmohan Reddy garu on 8th October 2020. Headmasters and teachers have to Install Jagananna Vidya Kanuka JVK  App and have to complete the registration process to Upload the students and kits distribution details. Know here the process to register and upload the details. jagananna-vidya-kanuka-jvk-app-install-register-upload-students-kits-details

Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy will formally inaugurate the Andhra Pradesh Government's most ambitious 'Jagannanna Vidya Kanuka' program for government school students on October 8. As part of this, student kits will be distributed to 42.34 lakh students across the state at a cost of Rs 650 crore. 

Jagananna Vidya Kanuka Student kits will be provided to 42,34,322 students across the state at a cost of about Rs 650 crore. Student‌ kits are distributed to all students in grades one through 10 in public schools. Sky blue bags for boys and navy blue bags for girls. Three masks will also be distributed to each student on the Kovid‌ theme.

Student‌ kits will be distributed to students studying from class one to class ten in government schools. Each student kit will include 3 pairs of uniforms, a pair of shoes, two pairs of socks, a belt, a set of textbooks, notebooks and a school bag. The main objective of the program is to significantly reduce the number of street children, thereby increasing the enrollment of children in schools and to achieve better results by making them more enthusiastic participants in the learning process. jagananna-vidya-kanuka-jvk-app-install-register-upload-students-kits-details

How to make settings after downloading / installing Jagananna Vidya Kanuka Application?

How to re-create a forgotten password?

According to the Jagananna Vidya Kanuka  (JVK) Kit 2019-20 roll, the textbooks should be distributed as per the 2020-21 roll and again the biometric or Irish of the student mother or Guardian should be taken. Step by step Process.

Jagananna Vidyakanuka Application Login Procedure.

 Model checklists from 6th to 10th class PDF. Full details.


How to Install JVK App and Register Online

In the Jagannath Vidya Kanuka App, give your school dice code next to the user name, give the student info (child info) Admin password 1234 next to the password >> Click on the menu will open.

Click on Jagananna Vidya Kanuka 

There we can see






Clicking on the CLASS we want to give will open the details of the children in that class separately.

If we click on any student name that we select, the last 4 digits of the student's name, mother's name, mobile number and mother's Aadhaar will appear. In addition these details are below






Touching on everything we give takes 3 marks in that box. Below this is the right hand side



Appear to be. Primary / upper primary schools, however, have an IRIS device, so clicking on the IRIS will show the mother taking IRIS as SUCCES.

Install JVK App Click Here

JVK APP OPEN చేసేటప్పుడు ఎదురయ్యే సమస్యలు -- పరిష్కారాలు

ప్రశ్న : JVK APP లో మన CHILD INFO USER ID,PASSWORD తో ఎంటర్ ఐనపుడు APP OPEN కాకుండా Invalid credentials అనే ERROR వస్తుంటే ఏంచేయాలి?

జవాబు : child info password ను reset చేస్తే, new password తో JVK APP  OPEN  అవుతుంది.

(పాస్వర్డ్ రీసెట్ చేసేటపుడు PASSWORD SUCCESSESFULLY CHANGED అని వచ్చిందో లేదో గమనించండి )

ప్రశ్న : child info  password ను ఎలా reset చేయాలి ?

జవాబు : chlild info login లో  User ID ENTER చేసి కింద ఉన్న FORGOT PASSWORD ను CLICK చేస్తే..

ఒక window ఓపెన్ అవుతుంది.


User ID : ----


CAPTCHA : ----

ఎంటర్ చేసి GET OTP క్లిక్ చేస్తే.. 

(Register mobile number కు otp వస్తుంది.)


ఒక window ఓపెన్ అవుతుంది.


User ID: ------(mana DISE CODE)

OTP : --------

New password:---

(కొత్త గా మనమే క్రియేట్ చేసుకోవాలి)

Conform password :------ (పై న ఏదైతే ఇచ్చామో..అదే.)

Enter చేసి..submit చేసినపుడు

Password change success fully అని వస్తే..

password reset ఐనట్లే

ప్రశ్న : Regester mobile no ( HM mobile no) మార్చాలంటే ఏం చేయాలి?*

జవాబు  : మన MEO LOGIN లో HM MOBILE UP DATION చేయించుకుని తర్వాత PASSWORD RESET చేసుకోవాలి.