Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Telangana Schools Remain Closed due to Covid in 2021

The government of Telangana has taken a key decision on running of schools in the state. Minister for Education Announced the closure of schools in the state. The decision comes as corona cases are on the rise again in the state, with a large number of students and teachers being infected with corona in schools over the past few days. With corona cases being reported heavily in schools .. parents are afraid to send their children to school

The government is on high alert for the last few days. After discussing the recommendation of the medical department to close the schools .. After considering all the factors, it was finally announced that the schools will be closed.

Education Minister Sabita Indrareddy met CM KCR this afternoon. During the meeting there was a lengthy discussion on the issue of closing schools. Later, Sabita Indrareddy announced in the assembly that the schools were being closed with KCR orders. Meanwhile, several states have already announced the closure of schools as corona 

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