Monday, April 26, 2021

How to Open SBI Savings Account Online using YONO - Know here

 How to Open SBI Savings Account Online using YONO - Know here SBI account Now it is became very easiest to open an account anyway. It's very easy to open a savings bank account in state Bank of India. You can start your savings from home through yono SBI mobile app. State Bank of India made it easier to open a savings account in it.

Process to open SBI Savings Account Online

The first characters from the savings account at home by using SBI mobile banking app which is yono, you know has introduced really ok YC feature which is know your customer in the app features. Due to covid-19 pandemic situation, which made all the customers who wants to become SBI I partner to create their own account being at home. This feature of opening SBI account from the home through yono app is a contactless, paperless and keep everyone safe. This may take a long time to make understand and easy to the people to digital as a new facility in the mobile banking app of SBI.

How to open SBI Savings Account Online without Visiting Branch?

  1. The customer should download the YONO app from the play store to avail this facility.
  2. Select New to SBI option.
  3. Click on  Star plus savings account.
  4. Enter the personal treaties and other details in the required fields to complete the authentication.
  5. Attend the video call to complete the KYC.
  6. The account will be open the SBI once the video calling KYC is done.
  7. Now you can open the SBI account easily e by following these steps.