Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Know Corona Vaccine Center Details through WhatsApp - Process is Here

 Vaccination is must for the people to be safe from Corona. Government of India ha started Vaccination Programme for Above 45 years of age citizens. Now it is must to book Covid 19 Vaccination slot Online at nearest Vaccination center. It is very important to locate the Covid 19 Vaccination center as as Time Slot to get vaccine. Here is the Process to get the complete details about Corona Vaccination in India. corona-vaccine-center-details-through-whatsapp-know-the-process. 

Know your vaccination Centre through WhatsApp

As a second wave covid spike is very high in India hand reaching more than 3 lakhs cases everyday the central government has initiated a program through  cowin.gov.in with registration of of beneficiaries.

Registration can be done through aarogya Setu and Umang apps also. The government has also given a WhatsApp chat to give complete details about vaccination and for that follow the proper following procedure

First in your smartphone save the number 

+ 919013151515 then go to WhatsApp and search for the number.

Now send namaste message to the concerned number oral send any English word as a message. Immediately at chat opens through my gov foreign helpdesk. Message will be received as follow 

Namaste 🙏  

This is the *Government of India's Corona Helpdesk* to create awareness and help you and your family stay safe. For any emergency, please contact 👇

📞 *011-23978046*

☎️ *1075*

✉️ *ncov2019@gov.in*

*For the safety of self, society and country, please download Aarogya Setu Mobile App and keep Bluetooth on!*

👉 https://www.mygov.in/aarogya-setu-app

Please choose from the following options 👇

*1.* COVID Vaccination - Centres and Authentic Information

*2.* Latest Update and Alerts on Coronavirus

*3.* Professional advice and ways to improve immunity

*4.* Together We Can - Success Stories

*5.* Positive harmonies

*6.* Facts Checker - authenticate news

*7.* What is Coronavirus and what are its symptoms

*8.* How to reduce the risk of Coronavirus? 

*9.* Where to get help - National & State Level  

💡 Tip: You can type *1*, *2*, *3*, *4*, *5*, *6*, *7*, *8*, *9* to make a selection of the menu options.

👉 हिंदी में भाषा बदलने के लिए, कृपया टाइप करें *हिंदी* या *Hindi*

 and from that choose a number and resend. For example if you want to know the nearest vaccination centre number then reply as 1. Then it will be asking for covid centres information then reply 1 full stop then it will be inspecting you to enter your pin code number. Enter your 6 digit pin code then you will be getting nearest vaccination centres of your pincode. It will be also displaying the vaccination slots availability in the selected areas.

You will also receive the list of vaccination centres and also a link  for application to register for your vaccination booking.

Not only just a vaccination Centre details it also contains Corona updates success stories fast check Corona symptoms and so many information regarding covid . You will be receiving once you enter the first message and from the list you select the number you need then proceed.

An important note is that the chart works only in English language. If you type in any other language other than English in this place a message you are asking information beyond my level.

So please use this and evaluate vaccination centre and slot take the vaccine whenever it is available for you don't neglect. Stay Home Stay Safe.