Sunday, May 30, 2021

GO MS NO 121 Unlock Down Guidelines issued by Telangana Government

 GO MS NO 121 New unLockdown Guidelines issued by Telangana Government

In order to contain the spread of Covid-19 pandemic, orders were issued imposing lockdown restrictions across the State of Telangana w.e.f. 12.05.2021 to 30.05.2021 vide references 2nd and 3rd read above. The pandemic situation has been reviewed and it has been decided to extend the lockdown with certain modifications across the State of Telangana from 31.05.2021 to 09.06.2021.

2. There shall be complete lockdown in all parts of the State from 2.00 PM to

6.00 AM of the following day. The lockdown restrictions shall not apply from 6.00 AM  to 2.00 PM. However, all shops, offices, establishments etc. shall close by

1.00 PM.

3. During the lockdown period, the following regulations and measures shall be enforced:

a. Passenger vehicles shall be regulated at the State borders and only passengers with E-passes will be permitted. However, movement of commodities shall be permitted without any restrictions.

b. All public transport services including TSRTC buses, SETWIN, Hyderabad Metro, taxis and auto rickshaws will be permitted from 6.00 AM to 2.00 PM only. However, movement of healthcare workers and passengers for accessing emergency medical services shall be permitted.

c. Operation of all Inter-State bus and transport services including those by private operators shall stand suspended.

d. Every person who is required to observe home isolation shall strictly observe the same failing which he / she will be liable for penal action and shifted to Government isolation facility.

e. Private shops / establishments / offices are permitted to function during the exempted hours with staff strength as per their requirements, duly following the Covid norms.

f. All Government, as well as private establishments shall make payment of wages / salaries fully to the workers / employees including those working under contract and outsourcing basis. Any violation will be viewed seriously and will invite penal action under relevant Act(s).

g. Marriage gatherings will be permitted with a maximum of 40 persons.

h. In funeral / last rites, maximum of 20 persons will be allowed.

i. All religious places / places of worship shall be closed for public worship.

j. All gatherings including Social / Political / Religious / Sports / Entertainment / Academic / Cultural are prohibited.

k. All Anganwadi centres shall remain closed. Children and pregnant women

/ lactating mothers will be provided take home ration during this period.

l. All pregnant women who are expected to deliver during the period will be listed, monitored and assisted by medical staff to ensure institutional delivery.

m. Temporary police check posts shall be set up at suitable locations to ensure strict compliance of the above orders.

Permitted Activities:

4. The following activities, including movement of personnel and goods associated with these activities, shall be exempted from lockdown restrictions and will be permitted, subject to compliance with Covid appropriate behavior

a. Medical services like hospital and diagnostic centers, including vaccination and related activities.

b. Agriculture and related operations

c. Production, sale and supply of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides/insecticides, agricultural implements and spare parts etc. and movement of these items including those of harvesters, transplanters, tractors etc.

d. Procurement operations of agricultural and horticultural produce, including operation of rice mills, movement of produce and hamalies

e. Cold storage and warehouses

f. Medical shops and pharmacies

g. Manufacturing activity related to drugs and medical equipment

h. Movement of medicine, oxygen, vaccine etc.

i. Essential services like production and distribution of power, supply of drinking water

j. Sanitation services in Gram Panchayats and Urban Local Bodies

k. MGNREGA works

l. Petrol pumps located on National Highways (Petrol pumps located in places other than national Highways shall be open between 6.00 AM and

1.00 PM only)

m. Banks/ATMs, Insurance services and related activities

n. Print and electronic media

o. Supply chain and transport of essential commodities, including milk, vegetables, groceries, dairy products, meat, fish, poultry etc.

p. All security services including those provided by private agencies

q. E-commerce (delivery) of goods and merchandise including food, pharmaceutical and medical equipment

r. IT and ITeS, including telecom, postal and internet services.

s. Movement and distribution of LPG cylinders

t. All construction and project activities, where workers are available in-situ or in secured labour camps

u. Pharma industry and related activities

v. In GHMC area, goods vehicles will be permitted from 9.00 PM to 11.00 AM for which no separate permissions / passes will be required

w. Only take away service from restaurants will be permitted.

x. Registration of documents and vehicles will be permitted with advance slot booking, duly following Covid protocols.

Prohibited Activities:

5. Cinema halls, amusement parks, clubs, swimming pools, bars, pubs, gymnasiums, stadia shall be completely closed.

Government Establishments:

6. The following Department(s)/Offices of the State Government shall be fully functional, and their staff, vehicles and goods shall move freely all through the day.

a. Health, Medical and Family Welfare

b. Police Department

c. Urban Local Bodies/Panchayat Raj Institutions

d. Fire

e. Electricity and water supply

f. Taxation, Excise, Commercial Tax, Transport, Stamps & Registrations along with their societies and corporations.

g. Agriculture, Horticulture and allied departments

h. Civil Supplies department

i. All staff and officers drafted for Covid-19 related activities

j. Such other offices as may be notified by the Government from time to time

7. All other state government offices shall function with 50% strength as per the roster drawn by  the  Heads of Offices. Office hours will be from 10.00 AM to

1.00 PM.

8. All Central Government offices shall also function with the strength not exceeding 50%.

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