Saturday, June 5, 2021

Google Storage Limited to 15GB Only - Let's See the alternative

 Free Unlimited storage on Google photos is ending on June 1st. Let's try to know is there any alternative? We all know that the Google photos free storage is going to end on June 1st, 2021 which raised a quiestion in so many people who wants to store their old memories for the long time, who doesn't want to loose their all memories. As we all know the Google photos free storage is about to end on June 1st and after that we need to pay to the Google to make our photos or memories to store in it. So now many are looking for the alternative to store the photos in any service or in app without losing any of the old memories. Where you can save your photos without any fear.

There is no other alternative to store all the photos like Google photos you just need to free up the memory which you doesn't want in future and edit the pictures or videos or slideshows which well be done automatically if you have done once. If you if user doesn't hair about the features provided then they need to opt for cloud storage services which helps them to backup their media storage online. Now let us find some options about it.

Microsoft Onedrive

Microsoft onedrive is a best alternative for Google photos which have almost same features as the Microsoft services host to access the users. It shows as a gallery view to store the photos and the automatic image tagging will be done in the background. Microsoft is also free up to 5 GB storage, if the storage extend then 5 GB then 100 GB storage plan will cost 130 rupees per month where as a family plan for the Microsoft services cost 6199 rupees per year.

 Amazon photos

Amazon is also providing an unlimited storage to store the photos for the uses to share with up to 5 family members which also providing some editing and stare sharing features with Amazon photos option with thumbs 2 bundle of Amazon prime members and also for non prime members, Amazon photo storage is also limited up to 5GB.

Apple photos

Another best storage option will be apple photos which is a good alternative for the Apple user. This feature will not work with Windows or Android operating system which is also have the maximum storage up to 5gb, which also have features in a wide range of editing tools.


Cloud storage platform to save all kinds of files is a Dropbox. This Dropbox provides 2 GB of storage to store the files the platform compatibility and additional features like Dropbox password and Dropbox transfers. To buy the extended storage it's a bit expensive of $9.99.