Wednesday, June 23, 2021

How to Know Your Land ownership Status/Details Online

 How to Know Your Land ownership Status Online

Telangana Government brought many reforms in Revenue Department Activities and Registrations. The Big change is Registrations through Dharani Website by Mandal Revenue Officer MROs instead of Sub Registrar Officers in the state. Everything the citizens of Telangana have to know their land related details Online from Dharani portal is a solution for all land related queries. Here is the simple process to check the Land ownership status of a farmer online through the official website of Govt of Telangana. It is necessary to check your Land ownership status online frequently as tress possessing may happened

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How to Check Land Ownership Status Online @Dharani Website

The Farmer who want to check his/her land ownership Status Online has to visit the official website

Click on Land Details Search which is in a box just under the Image of a green fields 

Here are 2 ways to search the land details by Survey Number OR Pattadar Pass Book Number Select your choice

If you go with Pattadar Pass Book number, It is simple ( Enter PPB number, Enter Captcha Code and Click on Fetch )

If You go with Survey Number, then

  1. Select District
  2. Select Mandal
  3. Select Village
  4. Select Exact Survey number from the list
  5. Select Khata Number 
  6. Enter Captcha Code and Click on Fetch
  7. Your Land Ownership Details will be displayed