Thursday, July 29, 2021

Aayakar Setu App From IT Dept of India for Income Tax Returns Solutions

 Income Tax Department of India has already announced on twitter that they are going to bring a free mobile app for various services through Online. Aayakar Setu App is the single solution to avail Online services from the department by the tax payers. Income Tax Department launched the App on June 7th, 2021. Tax payers may Download and Install this App from Apple App store/ Google Play Store for Android users. Tax payers can use this App easily to file ITRs and  eFiling Online, Dept said. Moreover This Aayakar Setu App provides ITR Forms details, Advance Tax payments Simple Tax Calculation , Income Tax Refund claims Online. Tax Payers can Apply for Permanent Account Number ( PAN ), Users can Link their PAN with aadhaar Online by using this Aayakar Setu App. Aayakar Setu App may Download and Install by giving missed call to the Mobile Number 7306525252. 

How to Download Aayakar Setu App?

Taxpayers useful App, Aayakar Setu very helpful to find Income Tax Solutions Online. Here is the way to Download and Install the Income Tax Department of India App.

Easy way to Download Aayakar Setu App is giving miss call to 7306525252

  • Go to Google Play Store/ Apple App Store 
  • Search for the App by typing as " Aayakar Setu App "
  • Click on Install
  • Aayakar Setu App will be installed in your devise in a while

Click Here to Download Aayakar Setu App

What are the Key Online Services of Aayakar Setu App?

  1. Ask IT – A CHATBOT provides answer to the queries raised by taxpayers in no-time.
  2. TPS Vertical - The taxpayer can locate the nearby TPS offices
  3. Tax Tools – Provides quick tax calculation like HRA etc.
  4. Live Chat - Taxpayers can ask their queries from tax experts on live chat.
  5. TRP at your doorstep – You can locate your nearest TRP in just a click.
  6. Pay taxes online
  7. Apply for PAN online
  8. Tax Gyaan – A game to enable the users to learn about Income Tax by just playing a game. It’s a Multiple Choice Question based game to provide knowledge to the users. The game is divided into 4 levels Beginner, Normal, Hard, and Difficult.

Citizens of India and Tax payers may avail various Online Services using this Aayakar Setu App such as 

Tax Returns Point TRP  at your Doorstep by locating nearby your residence 

Tax Return Preparation make easy through this App 

There are so many Income tax Tools available in this App. User have to go through the instructions. 

How to Apply for PAN Online using this Aayakar Setu App?

  • Install and open the Aayakar Setu App
  • Click on the PAN/TAN
  • Click on no at Do you have PAN
  • Click on wish to Apply for PAN
  • Click on Online
  • Click on Apply Online - Indian Citizen
  • Online Application form will be opened at nsdl website. continue with providing required information there and complete the process

What are the PAN Services available on Aayakar Setu App?

At PAN section, if you click on Yes to the question " Do you have PAN? " then you will go to the PAN Services such as 

  1. Re-issue of  PAN CARD
  2. Correction in PAN Card
  3. Verify your PAN
  4. Link PAN with Aadhaar
  5. Surrender duplicate PAN
  6. About PAN, How to Apply for PAN, Status of PAN, Online PAN Verification. 

How to Pay Tax Online through Aayakar Setu App?

After opening the Aayakar Setu App, Click on TAX Pay. There will be Sections as 

Pay Tax, Calculate Tax, File Rectification for Tax credit mismatch, Tax credit Statement, Challan Status inquiry, Make correctin in Challan. 

How to File Income Tax Returns using Aayakar Setu App?

Tax payers need to click on Return Preparation Made Easy in the Home Page of Aayakar Setu App

  • Click on No  to the question " Have you filed your return? " 
  • ther you will get options such as 
  • File Income Tax Return
  • Take Assistance of a TRP
  • Download Forms
  • Calculate Tax
  • Pay Tax
  • Check Form 26AS. you may continue according to your need. 

How to e-Verify your Returns Online through Aayakar Setu App?

After getting login to the Aayakar Setu App Click on Return Preparation Made Easy. 

  1. Click on Yes to the question " have you filed your Return? "
  2. Then you will get access to go through these following options
  3. File revised returns
  4. Refund status
  5. ITR - V receipt status
  6. e-Verify return
  7. View e-filed Returns/ forms