Friday, July 2, 2021

T SAT SCERT Digital Classes HMs/ Teachers Diary and other Formats Download Here

 T SAT SCERT Digital Classes HMs/ Teachers Diary and other Formats Download Here

Telangana School Education Department has given certain instruction on conducting Online Digital classes from 1st to 10th Classes in the state. Teachers have to attend the school 50% daily to monitor the T SAT SCERT Digital Classes. In this connection Headmasters and teachers have to maintain some records at school level. SIET prepared the digital classes and broadcasting through DD/T-SAT Live TV and T SAT Android App according to the schedule which is communicated to schools already. So Teachers have to maintain compulsory the formats here we have to Download

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Records to be maintain at School on SCERT Digital Classes

SCERT Digital classes Records to be maintain at school can be divided into two categories

1. Headmaster Records

2. Teachers Record

Headmaster Records to be keep with Headmaster after collecting the data from teachers in the school such as Students devices information, Teachers 50% Duty Allotment details, Students Adoption details, Status of devices using by the students

Teachers have to maintain Teachers Diary entering data of monitoring the T-SAT SCERT Online Digital Classes in the particular format. Here are the formats communicated by officials to maintain at school by the Headmaster and Teachers

Click Here to Download Annexure I II III and IV

Click Here to Download Students Digital devices Status

Click Here to Download Teachers Diary