Friday, August 6, 2021

T SAT DD SCERT Digital Classes Schedule and Worksheets Download

 Telangana SCERT Online Digital Classes on 06.08.2021 Class wise Schedule and related worksheets Download here as PDF for Free. Teachers and Students need to go through the schedule given by the Telangana State Council for Education Research and Training, Watch Online and Download Worksheets. These worksheets are very useful to enhance the quality of learning by practicing the concept. TS SCERT has prepared the worksheets last year for Class wise Subject wise and Medium wise and kept Online at its official website Here is the Digital Classes schedule on 6th August, 2021. 

Digital Classes Schedule and Worksheets on 06.08.2021

DD Yadagiri Schedule and Worksheets

5th Class Telugu

మన జెండా - గేయం 1

Time 10:30 AM

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4th Class EVS 

కుటుంబాలు నాడు నేడు గృహోపకరణాలు

Time 11:00 AM

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10th Class English 

Personality Development ( Facesheet ) 

Time: 11:30 AM 

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9th Class Mathematics 

వాస్తవ సంఖ్యలు క్రమనుగతవర్ధనం ద్వారా వాస్తవ సంఖ్యలను సంఖ్యా రేఖ పై చూపుట

Time 12:02 PM

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8th Class Mathematics 

Representation of Rational Numbers on Number line 

Time 12:26 PM

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T SAT Vidya Digital Classes Schedule and Worksheet

5th Class EVS

జంతువులు మన ఆహారం మచ్చిక గొర్రెలు నా ఆస్తి

Time 09:00 AM

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4th Class English

Pre Reading Activities - Ekalavya

Time 09:30 AM

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10th Class Social 

భారత దేశం భౌగోళిక స్వరూపం

Time 10:00 AM

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10th Class Bio Science


Time 10:30 AM

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7th Class Telugu 

నక్క ద్రాక్ష

Time 12:00 AM

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7th Class General Science

Food components 

Time 12:30 PM

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6th Class Mathematics

Knowing our Numbers -Indian System of Numeration EM

Time 02:00 PM

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6th Class General Science

మన ఆహారం

Time 02:30 

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8th Class Mathematics UM

Rational Numbers

Time 03:00 

8th Class Bio Science 

విజ్ఞాన శాస్త్రం అంటే ఏమిటి

Time 03:30 PM

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9th Class Hindi

Jis Desh men Ganga Behathi Hai

Time 04:30 Pm

T SAT Nipuna Digital Classes Schedule 

5th Class EVS

Animals the base of our Life

Time10:30 AM

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1st and 2nd classes Mathematics  UM

Kam Lamba Zyada Lamba 

Time 11:00 AM

4th Class Mathematics UM

Kayi ashya mukhtarif ashkaal

Time 11:30 AM

10th Social UM

India Relief Features 

Time 12:00 PM

9th Class Bio Science UM

Cell its structure and its Function 

Time 12:30 PM

1st and 2nd Class

ఆటలు పాటలు - 2

Time 03:00 Pm