Tuesday, June 14, 2022

SCERT Bridge Course Supporting Material Download

Telangana SCERT Bridge Course Action Plan up to 30th June 2022. Download Schedule and Action Plan for State Council for Education Research and Training, Telangana Telugu English and Mathematics Content. Implementation of Bridge Course for Classes Primary, Upper Primary and Secondary in Telangana. Detailed Guideline Released in the State of Telangana by SCERT to conduct Bridge course. SCERT, Telangana State, Hyderabad - Introduction of Vidya Pravesh - Class I - School Preparation Module for 12 weeks; Class II to X - Bridge Course programme for 4 weeks - Implementation for the academic year 2022-23.


In order to cope with the existing scenario following the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as meet the challenges ahead, it is vital to prepare appropriate strategies for providing continuous support for students' learning for the ensuing academic year 2022-23. Despite our continued efforts in achieving learning outcomes and providing basic awareness on the core concepts prescribed for each class, it must be recognized that this remains one of our greatest challenges. There is an imperative need to have an urgent and appropriate strategy to address this challenge. To mitigate learning loss among the students, and keeping in view of the Learning Enhancement Programme (LEP) initiated by the Ministry of Education, Government of India to enhance the Learning Recovery, SCERT-Telangana has developed a Bridge course programme for classes II to X for four weeks as an initiative. The role of parents and community in addition to teachers has become all the more important to ensure that there is no learning loss among the children. Further, SCERT, Telangana expresses heartfelt thanks to the officers of the Education Department, faculty of SCERT, subject experts, editorial team, and DTP operators for their commendable work in designing and developing the Bridge Course for all stages of School Education in the state of Telangana.

Based on the guidelines issued by M.O.E, NCERT, in Learning Enhancement Programme, a bridge course is initiated to mitigate the learning gap among the students due to the pandemic situation prevailed for the last two years.

The bridge course programme is designed for four weeks in four levels as

Level 1 : Classes 2, 3, 4, 5

Level 2 : Classes 6, 7

Level 3 : Classes 8, 9

Level 4 : Classes 10

Teacher shall ensure that all children are exposed to a warm and welcoming environment when they enter the school.

A joyful learning environment and emotional support to learners is intended to help them to adjust to school schedule.

Teacher shall provide the activities intended to promote the mental health and physical well being of every student.

As we all know, empirical learning takes place when the children get an opportunity to actively participate. Hence, play based teaching, discussions; interaction and environment based learning are the suggested teaching learning strategies for the effective implementation of this bridge course as these strategies ensure children’s participation in teaching and learning processes.

 To ensure the active participation of all the students, they may be made into groups and activities of different difficulty levels may be given to them to address their specific learning needs.

The activities mentioned are suggestive and can be modified according to the needs of individual classrooms based on the availability of resources and the existing standards of the students and the available teaching learning support material such as worksheets, flashcards etc. can also be used to facilitate teaching.

Assessment test shall be designed after every two weeks to ensure that the child has acquired the desired learning outcomes suitable for that particular grade level by using various tools for assessment.

Children's progress should be monitored and recorded.

Bridge Course Supporting Material Download 

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Click Here to Download 3 4 5 Classes English Material 

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Click Here to Download 6 7 8 Classes English Material

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