Thursday, July 28, 2022

Formative Assessment FA Model Projects Download PDF

 Formative Assessment FA Model Projects Download PDF

FA I Model  Projects Download PDF here. Teachers need to conduct Formative Assessment I in end of the month, July every year. Formative Assessment shall conduct for 20 Marks. 

1. 5 Marks for Response in Class Room

2. 5 Marks for Written aspects

3. 5 Marks for Project Works 

4.  5 Marks for Slip Test

1. Teacher need to assess the students while teaching or Teaching Learning Process is going on in the class room or outside the class room and have to award the marks accordingly

2. Teachers have to go through the students notes, Time to time completion neat hand writing and give marks as per the work done

3. Projects works should be given to students in all subjects as per the syllabus and Teachers have to supervise the students to complete it in good manner

4. Slip Test should be conducted according to the syllabus for the Formative Assessment 

Here we are providing some Model Projects to help the Teachers to direct the students to complete Project works in time. Teachers may refer these projects to give project work to their students

Click Here to Download Model Projects 

Click Here to Download FA-I Model Question Papers