Tuesday, September 13, 2022

FLN TLM మేల 300 నమూనాలు - Download PDF

 SCERT FLN  TLM Mela Models Download

SCERT Telangana is conducting TLM Mela as a part of FLN which is on going program at Primary level in Telangana Govt Schools. Teachers need to prepare TLM Models and have to display in TLM Mela Program. Here we are providing some Models to Prepare TLM. Download PDF

Click Here to Download Models 1

Click Here to Download Models 2

Click Here to Download Models 3

FLN Spot Assessment Question Papers from class 1st to 5th which will be carry with the inspection teams to schools Download PDF here. SCERT has prepared Spot Assessment Question Papers for to be tested by the inspection teams. Some English worksheets have been prepared by the District officials which may be useful to the teachers. Download PDF stuff here helpful for the teachers at primary level in the implementation of Fundamental Literacy and Numeracy FLN Programme 

Spot Assessment and Worksheets Download PDF

Teachers need to go through these Question Papers which are intended to Assess the students on the spot by the inspection Teams at mandal level and make children be prepared accordingly. english Worksheets may useful for the teachers in class room transaction of FLN. We though this material is very useful to the Primary School Teachers in Telangana for FLN. 

Click Here to Download Spot Assessment Question Papers

Click Here to Download English Worksheets

Click Here to Download Maths Lesson Period Plans

Click Here to Download English Lesson Period Plans