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General Provident Fund
The Principal Accountant General (A&E) maintains the individual GPF accounts of nearly 2.9 lakh employees of the AP State Government. as per the rules and procedures contained in the GPF (AP) Rules 1935 and AIS (PF) Rules 1955 respectively.
The Provident Fund Group in the Office is headed by an IA & AS Officer in the rank of Deputy Accountant General.
Constitution Of The Fund
The GPF is constituted with effect from 1st April 1935.
Conditions For Eligibility
The following categories of staff of the Govt. of AP are eligible to join the Fund :
All Government servants including those appointed on or before 31.08.2004 under Rule 10(a)(i) of the State and Subordinate Service Rules are eligible.
All re-employed pensioners (other than those employed for admission to CPF) and those Government servants who have not completed one year service shall be eligible on option.
Provident Fund Is Maintained By PAG For The Following Categories Of Employees
  1. Class III , Class II and Class I including Reemployed
  2. APPSC members , APAT, Lok Ayukta
  3. High Court Judges
  4. All India Service Officers
  5. Panchayat Secretaries
  6. Certain work charged employees
PAG Does Not Maintain GPF For The Following Categories Of Employees
  1. Class IV employees of State. (Except those appointed before
  2. Employees of Local Bodies, Municipalities, Panchayat Raj institutions
  3. Corporations, Societies . Institutions (Aided), Autonomous bodies
  4. Employees of State Govt. appointed on or after 1.09.2004 who are covered by New Contributory Pension Scheme
Nominations to the GPF
It is important to appreciate the efficacy of a nomination. In the absence of a nomination the bereaved family has to go through the ordeal of obtaining Legal Heir Certificate from Revenue Authorities. It is simple to file a nomination

A subscriber has to file a nomination in the prescribed form at the time of joining the Fund. If the subscriber has a family at the time of filing the nomination, the nomination cannot be in favour of any person(s) other than the member(s) of his family. Family includes Wife/ Husband, Children, Parents/ Paternal Grandparents(Where parents are not alive), Minor brothers, Unmarried sisters, Deceased Son’s Widow and her children. The nomination made by a subscriber who is not married shall become invalid on his getting married. If a subscriber nominates more than one person, he has to specify in the nomination the amount of share payable to each of the nominees in such a manner as to cover the whole of the amount that may stand to his credit in the Fund at any time. The responsibility of scrutiny, acceptance and safe custody of the nominations filed vests with the Prl. Accountant General. A subscriber can cancel a nomination by sending a notice in writing to the Head of Office/Prl. Accountant General along with a fresh nomination.

Every Nomination made, and every notice of cancellation given, by a subscriber shall, to the extent that it is valid, take effect on the date on which it is received by the Accounts Officer.

Admission to the GPF
The Head of Office has to send a statement showing particulars of Government servants in the prescribed Form vide G.O.Ms.No.312 Fin, dated 28-10-1980 to the Principal Accountant General (A&E) for admission to the Fund. The GPF account number is allotted to each subscriber by the Principal Accountant General with a ‘Suffix’ indicating the department of the subscriber.

The Drawing and Disbursing Officers in the State Government prepare the staff pay bills along with GPF recovery schedules in respect of the subscribers to the Fund under their payment control and submit the same to the Treasury Officers for payment. (Click here for Guidelines to DDO’s for preparation of schedules/bills). After making payment the Treasury Officers forward the recovery schedules along with the Schedule of Payment to the Prl. Accountant General. From the GPF schedules and GPF payment vouchers received in the monthly accounts rendered by the Treasury Officers, the Prl. Accountant General posts the remittances/withdrawals into the accounts of the subscribers concerned.

The account maintained in respect of a subscriber shows the particulars of Opening Balance, subscriptions, refunds, amounts credited to the Fund like dearness allowance, pay revision arrears etc., withdrawals made, interest allowed and closing balance. Sanctions for Temporary Advances/Part final withdrawals received from the departments are also recorded in the account.