Friday, September 8, 2023

DSE FRS Face Recognition App Registration and Enrollment of Students Process

 DSE FRS Face Recognition App Registration and Enrollment of Students Process

Download the mobile app from google play store (DSE-FRS)

Login into the mobile app with below credentials

  1. Username: School UDISE Code
  2. Password: school@123
  3. Click on the Student Registration Icon
  4. Click on the Class & Section
  5. Click on the Student name
  6. Position the mobile camera such that student face should be in the circle
  7. Should ask the student to blink their eyes slowly to initiate the registration
  8. A green circle will rotate the student face completely
  9. Click inside the green circle on the student face
  10. Click on the Submit button
  11. Click on the sync button
  12. Student registration is completed and marked with green tick in the student list screen
  13. Same process should be done for all the students in the class

RE-Registration Process in DSE-FRS Attendance:

1. Incase of any incorrect Registration (students) which need corrections, following steps needs to

be followed as part of Re- Registration process.

As a first step, user needs to access the DSE-FRS web portal by accessing the following link on the web browser.

Following login screen will be displayed.

User needs to enter the user name, password and select the Department from drop down menu.

After which Captcha needs to be entered and then click on ‘LOGIN’ button.

After successful login, application takes the user to the following screen.

Click Here to Install DSE FRS App

Click Here to go to Official Website of DSE FRS Students Face Recognition Attendance

For Student re-enrollment

  • In the above screen, user needs to click on ‘Student Management’ link in the left menu and then click on ‘Student Listing’.
  • Then user needs to enter the person’s name (who is getting re-enrolled) or the staff code in case of the staff in the search bar as highlighted below.

  • Then users need to enter the Reason for re-registration in the popup window and click on
  • Submit button to request for re-. registration
  • The above process enables the re-registration for that particular Student.
  • Then user needs to log into mobile app and follow the Registration process.