Friday, July 11, 2014


  1. If the sanctioned posts of teachers are more than the above norms the posts shall be shifted as follows:
    • a) Secondary Grade teacher posts in Primary / Upper Primary Schools shall be shifted to other needy Primary/ Upper Primary Schools within the Mandal. If the posts are not required in the same Mandal, the posts shall be shifted to other needy Mandals giving preference to backward Mandals.
    • b) Posts other than Secondary Grade Teachers shall be shifted to the needy High Schools / Upper Primary Schools according to subject need as per staffing patterns giving preference to the schools located in category IV, III, II, I areas in that order.
The junior most Teacher in the School shall be identified as a surplus Teachers. In case senior teacher(s) prefers to leave the school senior teacher(s) shall be identified as surplus.
Surplus teacher identified shall be posted in the available vacancies through counseling on the basis of seniority.
If the number of sanctioned posts is less than the number of eligible posts given in the staff pattern table in Annexure-III, then the sanctioned posts given under “Total Posts” in that table should be followed. For example: (a) suppose a High School has enrolment 401 and number of sanctioned HM & SA posts is 12. In that case the staff pattern meant for total 12 posts of Annexure-III only is to be
followed instead of total eligible 14 posts. Suppose in the same school number of School Assistants for Maths working is 3, In that case the surplus Maths SA is to be replaced by a needy subject School Assistant. However, this school is eligible to receive 2 more posts on rationalization if there are surplus posts identified.
IV. Matching of the total eligible posts of Annexure-III with sanctioned posts for a High school.
If the number of sanctioned posts of a school in less by one than the total eligible posts, then that single post is to be considered as per examples given below:

First example: Suppose a High School has enrolment 402 and number of sanctioned posts in 13 while eligible posts is 14. The previous enrolment slot has total eligible posts as 12. Then the question is which School Assistant is to be counted for 13th post. In the enrollment slab for 14 eligible posts (over and above previous slab of 12 eligible posts) the 2 posts added are 1 Bio. Sci. and 1 PET. In this case it is to be decided which post is to be retained as 13th post. Since enrollment has crossed 400, the 2nd PET post can be retained if person is working, if not one SA of Bio. Sci. is to be counted against 13th post

Second Example: If a High School has enroll 302, and number of School Assistant posts sanctioned is 10, then which School Assistant is to be considered for 10th post (because 1st enrollment slab has 9 eligible posts and 2nd enrollment slab in the table has 11 eligible posts). First slab has 9 posts and in the next slab the two posts added are one English post and one Maths Post. Then the question is whether Maths post is to be retained or English post against 10th (School Assistant) POST. Since Maths post has workload 48 periods and English post has work load of 36 periods, Maths post is to be counted against 10th post but not English School Assistant post.