Sunday, July 6, 2014


Examination Reforms and proposals in Class X


A) Quantitative aspects

1.How many papers for each subject?
  •  Presently there are two papers in class X for all subjects except second language (Telugu/ Hindi) which are of 2 ½ hours duration. Instead, there should be only one paper in each subject which will be of 3.00 hours duration.
  • Exam paper in Science is to be conducted in two separate parts for Physical Science and Biological Science. [Each will be conducted for 50 marks.] 
2. Exams – Marks
First Language (Telugu/ Hindi/ Urdu etc.)100 marks
Second Language (Telugu/ Hindi100 marks
Third Language (English100 marks
Mathematics100 marks
Physical Science50 Marks
Biological Science50 Marks
Social Studies100 Marks
Total600 Marks
3.Marks - Weightage
  • Public exams in each subject will be conducted for 80% of marks. The remaining 20% of marks are through Formative Assessment [FA].
  • The average of four Formative Assessments conducted in an academic year will be accounted for 20% of marks.
  • First and second Summative Assessments shall be conducted, preparing question papers for 80% of marks. This ensures that the children are trained to write public exams. The remaining 20% of marks shall be awarded on the basis of the Formative Assessment.
(a) First Summative Assessment – 20% (FA)+80% question papers.
    (b)Second Summative Assessment – 20% (FA)+80% question papers.
In each formative assessment marks are allotted as follows:

1. Children’s participation and responses               -               5 marks
2. Children’s written work in their notebooks        -               5 marks
3. Project works                                                      -               5 marks
4. Slip test                                                               -               5 marks
Total marks                                                             -               20 marks
  •  Exams must be conducted for class IX as mentioned above.
  •  Children must attend all the four formative assessments. In case any child is absent for any formative assessment, teachers should conduct the test immediately (when they come back) and award marks.
  •  After completion of the 4th Formative Assessment in February, the headmaster should submit these details to the board in a fixed format supplied to them.
  •  HM is responsible for proper conducting of Formative Assessment. District Deputy Educational Officers shall form in to a two member HM Committee to monitor the proper recording of the results/ formative assessment. Experienced HMs of aided/ recognized schools can also be included in this committee along with HMs working under government management.
  •  Mandal shall be considered as a unit for monitoring. The monitoring committee should observe/ monitor the details of at least 10 to 15 schools
4.Pass marks and minimum marks for passing
  •  Even though 20% of marks are allotted to formative assessment, children must attend the public exam to children will be considered as passed only when they score 30 marks out of 80 marks in each subject in the public exam.
  •  Physical Science and Biological Science exams will be conducted for 50 marks. So the children should score a minimum of 15 marks in each subject to pass.
  • Children must score a minimum of 40% in each subject when the marks of formative assessment and public exam are added i.e. children are passed only when they score 40 marks. They will be failed even if they score full marks in formative assessment and score below 30 in public exams.
5) Grading
  • Though the present grading method that is being implemented is good, it would be better if the following range of marks and concerned grades are implemented.
        91 to 100 marks          -       A 1
     81 to 90 marks            -       A
      71 to 80 marks             -       B1
    61 to 70 marks            -       B
    51 to 60 marks             -       C1
  40 to 50 marks             -       C
      0 to 39 marks            -       D 
6.Other curricular subjects – Evaluation
  •  In our State, evaluation is being conducted for classes I to VIII in Physical & Health Education, Arts & Cultural Education, Work & Computer Education, Value Education & Life Skills considering them as a part of curriculum. Hence, the same is to be followed for classes IX and X. Each subject has 50 marks.
  • Grade details of these subjects also must be recorded in the memorandum of marks of class X.
  •  No public exam shall be conducted in these subjects. Teachers shall award marks based on the results of first and second summative assessment. Their average must taken into account and the details of grade must be submitted on-line by HM.
  •  HM should allot the responsibility of conducting these exams to the teachers.
(a) Value Education & Life Skills to language teachers
                       (b) Art & Cultural Education to Social Studies teacher                                 
                                (c) Work & Computer Education to Physical Science or Biological Scienc teacher
                                (d) Physical & Health Education will be conducted by Physical Director/Physical Education Teacher. 
7.Days and time of conducting exams
  •  Each subject will have only one paper. So the exam must be conducted on alternate days.
  • Each exam is of 3 hours duration. Similarly, 15 minutes will be allotted in each exam to read and understand the paper.