Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Board of Intermediate Education Governament of Telangana State has been Launched its own web Portal for Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education

This Portal is running now.Visit thi website for Results,Notifications,Schedules,Forms and Applications of Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education

The Board of Intermediate Education promotes the vision of world-class education in Telangana  through quality leadership, support, and services. It aims at continuous improvement of education in the State. 

The BIE regulates and supervises the system of Intermediate education. It executes and governs various activities that include devising of courses of study, prescribing syllabus, conducting examinations, granting affiliations to colleges and, providing direction, support and leadership for all educational institutions under its jurisdiction.


The important functions of the Board are
    1. To prescribe syllabi and text books.
    2. To grant affiliation to the institutions offering Intermediate course.
    3. To lay down regulations for the administration of Junior Colleges.
    4. To publish text books
    5. To prescribe qualifications for teachers.
    6. To cause academic inspection of Junior Colleges.
    7. To conduct examinations.
    8. To process results and to issue certificates.
Our Activities

Examination Work 
Examination is one of the most important function of the Board. Every year it conducts the Annual Examination (March/April) and the Advanced Supplementary Examination (June/July).


             The  Board  allows  the  candidates  to   apply   for    Recounting  on  the  payment  of  Rs.100/-  per  paper  and  Photocopy & Reverification of the answer book will be supplied on payment of Rs.600 per paper . The scripts are obtained from the camps and carefully scrutinized for any mistake in totaling, posting and omission of bits. If any discrepancy is noticed it shall be referred to the Authenticity committee for its opinion Based on the report, corrections if any are carried out and the candidates are informed accordingly. 

The Intermediate Public Examination is being conducted since 1978-79 both at the end of 1st year course and at the end of 2nd year course. Earlier the Public Examination was only at the end of 2nd year. The candidates are examined in Part-I English, Part-II Second Language and Part-III Group subjects for 500 marks in 1st year and 500 marks in 2nd year in Arts Group, and 470 marks in 1st year and 530 marks in 2ndyear in MPC group, and 440 marks in 1st year and 560 Marks in 2nd year for the Bi.P.C. group. The percentage of pass marks in each paper is 35. The division in which the candidates are placed is decided on the basis of their passing all the papers in the 1st year and in the 2ndyear.