Friday, August 15, 2014


  1. TSKS.NIC.IN Tealanagana Comprehensive Servey Official Websute-Tealangana State Intensive Servey Web Portal-Telangana State Sakutumbha Sarvey Forms Downloads.Codes to fill the Servey Forms.Telangana State IHSS data base website of Govt of Telangana.Telangana Comprehensive House Hold Serve website.Telangana State Govt Socio-Economic House Hold WEbsite
  2. The main objective of intensive Servey 2014 to extend Govt Schemes to the Poorest of the Poor of Telangana State who are in need of such schemes.The survey also aimed at the making Bangaru Telangana.
  3. The Process should be completed in Just one Day to remove the scope for malpractices.Statastics hold the key for successful implementation of just a socio-economic Survey of Population of Telangana State so that implementation of Govt Schemes.In this subject Telangana State Govt officials have created a new website for Telangana Intensive Survey.This website is running now.Users can access the information about comprehensive House Hold Surveyfrom this website.Telangana State Govt officials have provided survey forms,Mannuals,Survey code in Telugu and English and more information in this website.
  4. The Survey only meant  to create a proper and a brand new database of house hold in Telangana State so that misuse and irregularities in the welfare schemes are checked and spurious benficiers can be removed from enjoying befits of welfare schemes.The comprehensive Data from the Survey would help  the Govt in drafting its policies and schemes and ensure that the benfits reach the targetted sections. This Socio-Economic Survey is to access THE SOCIAL AND ECONOMICAL STATUS OF PEOPLE
  5. In this Survey Four lakh Govt Employees will be engaged.Based on the data provided by the indivisuals,The Govt will access the income and economic status of the people in Telangana State

Te people shall  prepare following documents for the survey

  1. LPG Connections details
  2. Banks Account Details
  3. Aadhaar Card/Ration Card
  4. PHC certificate ( IF any)
  5. Electricity Bills
  6. Pattadhaar Pass Book
  7. Caste Certificate
  8. Vehicle Registration Details ( If any)
The Timings for this Survey in rural areas have been fixed between 8am to 8pm and in Urban areas 7am to 7pm.However the time will be extended to cover all the households


Govt of Telangana State Intensive House Hold Survey web portal is   (Click the link)

IHHS Rural Survey Form
IHHS Rural Survey Manual
IHHS Rural Survey Codes
IHHS GHMC English Survey Form
IHHS GHMC English Survey Manual
IHHS GHMC English Survey Codes
IHHS GHMC Telugu Survey Form