Saturday, September 27, 2014


G.O.Ms.No.6. , dated: 27.09.2014
If the sanctioned posts of teachers are more than the above norms the posts shall be shifted as follows:
a.Secondary Grade teacher posts in Primary / Primary Sections of Upper Primary Schools shall be shifted to other needy Primary/ Upper Primary Schools within the Mandal in the same management. If the posts are not required in the same Mandal, the posts shall be shifted to other nearby needy Mandals.
b.Posts other than Secondary Grade Teachers shall be shifted to the needy High Schools / Upper Primary Schools in the same management according to subject need as per staffing pattern given according to enrolment slabs (descending order).
c.Posts sanctioned to the Schools with enrolment 1 to 19 in Primary and Upper Primary (VI to VIII Classes) should be identified as surplus.
d.Surplus posts and surplus teachers identified should be shifted to plane to plane and agency to agency area.
e.High Schools with parallel English Medium sections with less than (75) enrolment, shall be identified and the students should be admitted in English Medium sections of nearby Schools / Model Schools / Residential Schools and posts sanctioned for these additional sections shall be shifted to the needy schools in the same management.
f.The High Schools having enrolment less than 75 in the main medium shall be identified and the students shall be admitted in nearby schools within the radius.
The junior most Teacher in the seniority in category working in the School shall be identified as a surplus Teacher(s). In case senior teacher(s) prefers to leave the school senior teacher(s) shall be identified as surplus.
(a)(i) While notifying the vacancies of SGTs and School Assistants, it shall be ensured that equal number of vacancies left vacant in all the Mandals, medium wise, with the approval of the Committee.
(ii)The vacancies of teachers shall be notified for the purpose of counseling in the Schools located in the order of Category IV, III, II and I areas.
(iii)To maintain proportionate vacancies in all Mandals in the district, after completion of rationalization.
(iv)Vacancies in Teacher less schools.
(v)Priority shall be given to the vacancies where there is no teacher as per subject requirement.
(vi)If the teacher transferred during the transfer counseling held in
2013 had opted for a vacancy and now the vacancy / post has been identified as surplus, such transfer orders should be cancelled and he may be retained in the same place, if the post is not identified as surplus.
(b)After following the above priorities, number of vacancies equal to the number of identified surplus teachers shall be notified for counseling for posting.
The District Educational Officers shall publish the seniority lists based on the seniority in the respective categories. The following categories shall take precedence in the seniority lists in the order given below:
(i)Physically Handicapped (not less than 70% HI,OH and VH)
(iii)Legally separated
(iv)Teachers suffering or undergoing with following diseases:
(b)Open Heart Surgery,
(c)Neuro Surgery,
(d)Bone TB,
(e)Kidney Transplantation.
(v)teachers with dependent mentally retarded children.
(vi)Children suffering holes in the Heart by birth and under going medical treatment.
(vii)Teachers with dependent children suffering from Juvenile Diabetes
(viii)Unmarried Women
(ix)Spouse category (Within district).
In casethe teachers who are identified as surplus and already availed the above mentioned categories and not completed (8) years of benefit shall also be allowed to avail the benefit again as one time measure.
(5)PROMOTIONS: After completion of rationalisation of Schools, posts and Teachers, promotions to the vacant posts in all categories shall be given in the first instance.
After completion of promotions only, the surplus teachers identified shall be posted in the vacancies notified with the approval of the Committee through counseling on the basis of seniority list published as mentioned above.