Monday, November 10, 2014

Rc2040 Child Rights and Library week Celebrations at Schools

TSSA Rc.2040 Dt 07.11.2014-Celebrations of Child Right Week and Library Week at Schools certain Guidlines issued | Guidlines issued to celebrate Child Right Week and Library Week | TSSA has issued guidlines to celebrate Child Right week and Library week in all Schools of Telangana Sate | Telangana SSA, Hyderabad – Child Rights Week Celebrations & Library Week from 14-11-2014 to 20-11-2014 – Reg

All the under mentioned Officers in the State are informed that, as per the approved AWP&B 2014-15, the Child Rights Week to be celebrated from
14-11-2014 to 20-11-2014. They have to devise a schedule for better propagation on need of Education in Telangana State.
According to the UN Convention on Rights of the Children, that India Ratified in 1992, all children are born with Fundamental Rights. They are:

Fundamental Child Rights

  1. 1.      Rights to Survival     – To life, Health, Nutrition, Name & Nationality
  2. 2.      Rights to Development        – To Education, Care, Leisure, Recreation & Cultural Activities
  3. 3.      Rights to Protection            –  From exploitation, Abuse & Neglect
  4. 4.      Rights to Participation         –  To expression, Information, Thought  & Religion

The ‘T' factor in the schools play a vital role in achieving the above objectives. Therefore, the Child Rights Week Celebrations are to be focused on the following:-

Schedule for Child Rights Week Celebrations
  1. 1.   14-11-2014 –    Celebration of Nehru’s Birth Day & Screening of a child film.
  2. 2.   15-11-2014 –    Focus on MDM with an intention upon health, nutrition, hand washing, hygiene and sanitation
  3. 3.   16-11-2014 –    Sunday
  4. 4.   17-11-2014 –    Emphasis on leisure, recreation, games, sports & cultural  activities
  5. 5.   18-11-2014 –    Insight in to individual child who attends the school for their exploitation, abuse & neglect both at school as well as at home.
  6. 6.   19-11-2014 –    Exploring the talents of expression, information & thought of every child.
  7. 7.   20-11-2014 –    Summing up of the activities of the week by the HMs and
  8.                         inviting an eminent personality to the school as an inspiration  to the children.

Implementing Library Week as “Pathanothsavalu”:

They are also requested to issue instructions to the HM’s, School Complex HM’s, MEO’s for implementation of the Library Week “Pathanothsavalu at school level/school complex level & mandal level during the above period, treating the same as “Granthalaya varothasavalu” under ‘READ’ Programme which is a part of Learning Enhancement Programme (LEP). The main aim of the Programme is to develop reading habits among the children by developing School Libraries and Class Libraries in the School. Every year the public Libraries observe the Library Week from 14th to 20th November, 2014. The above celebrations may be organized in collaboration with the local public libraries and other organization like room to read, M.V. Foundation etc and other who are working for developing of reading habits among children and for strengthening of school libraries.
A copy of guidelines to be followed is enclosed.
The expenditure is to be incurred for Child Rights Week Celebrations as per the norms. They are therefore requested to take necessary action in the matter to celebrate Child Rights Week and Library Week from 14.11.2014 to 20.11.2014 in a befitting manner and submit Brief Report. 

  1. CLick Here to Download Rc.2040 Dt 07.11.2014-Guidlines and Day wise schedule for Child Right week and Patanothsavam