Friday, December 19, 2014

Rc 26 KGBV Joint Cheque Power to SO and MEO in Telangana

Rc.No.26 TSSA Delegation of Cheque Powers to Spacial Officer of Concern KGBV and Mandal Educational Officer of the concern Mandal-Orders Issued.

  1. The Project Officers of All Districts except Hyd are hereby informed that a decision has been taken in order to increase efficiency and accountability, the MEOs of the concerned Mandal shal be the Joint Signatory instead of FAO of Concerned District along nwith Spacial Officer (SO) of the concerned KGBV which are working under the management of PO, SSA.
  2. The Project Officers of SSA are instructed to authorise accordingly and take necessary action complete the Bank procedures to change the signatories and report the compliance
  3. Click here to Download the Rc.26