Friday, December 19, 2014

GO Rt 1384-Appointment of PA to MLCs-Delegation of Powers

Establishment- Appointment of Personal Assistants to Members of Legislative Council – Delegation of powers – Orders – Issued.

G.O.RT.No. 1384.

Read the following:
G.O.Ms.No.207, GA(SR) Dept., dt. 1.5.2001.

G.O.Ms.No.476, GA(SR) Dept., dt. 18.12.2001.

3.G.O.Ms.No.473, GA(SR)Dept., dt:04.07.2007.


In the G.O.1st read above, orders were issued for providing of P.As., to MLA’s on deputation from Government Departments upto U.D. Cadre for Clerical Assistance, for attending to the work relating to their respective constituencies.
In the G.O.2nd read above, amendments has been issued to para(2) of the G.O.1stread above for appointment of P.A.s to MLAs.
In the G.O. 3rd read above orders were issued for providing of P.A.s to MLC’s and the appointment of P.A.’s shall be made as follows:
  1.          The candidate for appointment as Personal Assistant shall be as per the choice of the MLC concerned out of his Constituency/concerned District Establishment. In exceptional cases, the persons working in other Districts may also be appointed if the MLC so insists.
  2.           The appointment of P.A.’s shall be by drafting personnel including Technical personnel up to the cadre of Senior Assistant working in Government Departments, including the Departments not under the District Administration like Jails, Colleges etc., and also from the Local Bodies and State Government Public Undertakings/Corporations.
  3.         The appointment of P.A. will be terminated/reverted to his parent Department whenever the MLC concerned vacates his office or at any time if the services of the PA are no longer required by the concerned MLC
  4.        In exceptional cases, where the MLC insists on appointment of a retired Government Employee as his PA such appointment may be done on a consolidated remuneration of Rs.6,000/- p.m., on the analogy of rates allowed to P.A’s (Retd.) of M.P’s vide para (2) of G.O.Ms.No.439, G.A.(OP.II) Department dated 27.12.2000.
  5.        The expenditure towards salaries and fixed T.A. of the employees so appointed as P.A. to the MLC is to be charged to the Establishment from which he has been drafted.
  6.         In respect of the retired employee appointed as P.A., to the MLC the expenditure towards consolidated remuneration shall be met by the District Collector concerned from the Head of the Account of the District Establishment.
  7.          The District Collectors shall take necessary steps to obtain requisition from the MLC concerned and issue orders of appointment as PA to MLC duly following the conditions (i) to (vi) mentioned above.
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