Friday, December 19, 2014

Revised SA-II Time Table in Telangana

Rc.10 Dt 15.12.2014 RR Dist Examinations - District Common Examinations, R.R.Dist. - Summative - II (Half Yearly
Examinations) - Academic Year 2014-15 for classes VI - X(Summative-II for Vl-X) -
Time Table - Distribution of Question paper packets - certain information -
communicated and instructions issued - Reg.

As per the academic Calendar issued by the C&DSE, Telangana, Hyd. it has been decided to
conduct the Half Yearly in the District for the Academic Year 2014-15 for classes VI -
X(Summative-II for VI-IX) from Dt. 03.01.2015 to 09.01.2015.
> There will be one paper in each subject for class VI, VII and VIII.
> There will be two papers for classes IX and X except for II language.
> There will be two papers for General Science paper for VIII class. 

The Summative - II (Half Yearly Examinations) should be conducted as per this time table. The answer Scripts should be valued soon after the examination of each subject.


The route officers will deliver the sealed question paper packets cum parcels to the
Mandal Educational officers from 06.10.2014 to 07.10.2014. All the MEOs are requested to be in the
Headquarters or make any arrangements to receive the Question Paper parcels. They are further
informed to distribute the Question Paper packets to the Headmasters of the School Complexes which
are the distribution centers in the concerned Mandal.

All the School Complex in the district have been made the distribution centers for all the
Examinations. So, the Headmasters of the School Complex (Distribution centers) are informed to
distribute the sealed Question paper packets daily two hours before the examination to the institutions
that fall under their jurisdiction.
To collect the Question Paper packets a responsible teacher may be deputed to the
School Complex with a copy of recognition proceedings. Authorization Letter and a copy of the figure
statement and photocopy of the DD to verify the supplied questions on two days before of the
examination and get variations if any noted at the centre. In case of any wrong medium or subject
papers received the same may be brought to the notice of the concerned MEO. For all requirements a
requisition may be presented well in advance to the MEO concerned.
For Vocational courses, Question Papers will not be supplied by the D.C.E.B. The Head
Masters of the institutions have to make their own arrangements. There is no second language Special English for any class. The schools who got special
permission from Director of School Education for Special English for IX and X classes have to conduct
their own exams.
The Head Masters of the School Complexes (Distribution Centers) should not issue the
question paper packets to the unrecognized schools (classes and sections). A copy of the recognition
proceedings may be obtained and on verification only, the question paper packets may be issued.
The First Assistant teacher of every institution should act as joint custodian. Headmaster
- the Chief Superintendent and the Joint Custodian will be held responsible for the safe custody of
question paper packets and for conducting the examinations.
If any deviations are noticed by the Inspecting Officers, Officials, Board Members or any
other competent authorities, the Headmaster will be held responsible and a disciplinary action will be
taken against him/her.
Under no circumstances all the question paper packets of all days should be given to
any school on the first day. It is mandatory to distribute the packets day wise by duly maintaining a record of issuing date, time and subject.
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