Monday, December 29, 2014

Sonamasuri to MDM Scheme-Instructions on Implementation of MDM

Rc.No.2834/B5/2014- School Education Dept-MDM-Supply of Superfine Variety Rice like BPT, Sonamasuri etc. to the schools under Mid Day Meal Scheme for Implementation from 01.01.2015-Certain Instruction on Implementation of MDM
Govt of Telangana has decided to Supply Superfine Variety Rice like BPT, Sonamasuri ets, to the schools under MDM Scheme for Implementation of MDM

Instructions to Headmasters:

  1. HMs should ensure to enter the stock of rice available in the school for serving Mid Day Meal as on 31.12.2014 duly submitting a certificate to concern Dy.E.Os/MEOs
  2. HMs should not use the left over rice as on 31.12.2014 and keep the stock aside carefully under their controll and should not use/misuse under any circumstances, otherwise necessary action will be initiated against the concerned
  3. Superfine Variety Rice like BPT, Sonamasuri etc. only should be used for serving the MDM  from 01.01.2015 onwards supplied by the Civil Supply Dept.
  4. Release Orders (ROs) for Superfine Variety Rice should be obtained from MRO concerned as was done earlier duly showing the Rice Allotment orders of DEO
  5. Superfine Variety Rice is available in Gunny Bags of 50Kg weight with an emblem on the bag as "PVR" i.e Prefer Variety Rice and Rice Miller Name
  6. Maintain stock Register of Superfine Variety Rice at School level and Mandal level.
  7. Obtain Superfine Variety Rice samples from the MLS point and match the same while lifting the rice stock
  8. Click Here to Download Rc.No.2834 Dt 29.12.2014