Saturday, January 10, 2015

Instructions to CRC HMs to Rectify or Purchase New ROTs

Proc..Rc.No.16/ SS.AlT4IDEC/2014-2, Dated: /.12.2014, TSSA,Hyderabad - Distance Education- instruction for Rectification and purchase of ROTs,inverters etc, - Reg.

All the Project Officers/ District Educational Officers in the state are here by informed that,
the school complex have RoT facility to view the Mana TV live programmes and Recorded
programmes for children. Further it is found that some of the school complexes do not ha,:e ROT
facilities and the available RoTs are required minor repairs. In this context Mana TV programmes
are not being utilized for children. Hence the available ROTs have to be rectified or new ROTs to
be purchased from school complex grants. ~.

The Project Officers/ District Educational Officers are requested to inform the school
complex headmasters to take up the rectification, procurement of ROTs and inverters/UPS duly

Following the instructions given below.

  1. School Complex headmaster to take up the repairs of ROTs at school complex. If the
  2. school complex does not have ROT they may procure a new ROT from the scho~'I'
  3. complex grants immediately.
  4. While procuring the ROT dish antenna should be 1.2 mts Dish and set-top box should be
  5. MPEG2 and MPEG4 compatibility.
  6. The repair should be taken up immediately with any experienced technical operators and
  7. exchange the not working material
  8. If the complex school have generator facility the recurring expenditure of generato~ maintenance,and dieselchargesshallbe incurredfromthe schoolcomplexgrant. .
  9. If the complex schools do not have generator, UPS and inverters they may be allowed to
  10. procure UPS or inverters with backup of 1.20 to 1.50 minutes.
  11. Further, the headmasters shall be instructed that they will be held responsible for non
  12. functioning of ROTs or non availability of ROTs in the school complex and it will be viewed
  13. seriously. The expenditure on above purchase and repairs shall be met from school complex grants of their schools as per norms. 
  14. Click Here to Download Proc.No. Proc..Rc.No.16/ SS.AlT4IDEC/2014-2, Dated: /.12.2014, TSSA,Hyderabad - Distance Education- instruction for Rectification and purchase of ROTs,inverters 

The Project Officers should closely monitor the procurement and repairs of ROTs and
inverterslUPS in the Complex schools and the compliance report shall be sent to State Project Office immediately