Saturday, January 10, 2015

Identification of Agencies for Maintanance of CAL Programme

Proc..Rc.No.16/ SSAlT4IDEC/2014-1, Dated: 09.12.2014. 
Sub:. TSSA, Hyderabad - Distance Education- instruction for Identification of .Agencies for maintenance of computers in CALschools. Reg.

All the Project Officersl District Educational Officers in the state are here by informed that, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan has provided Computers and its peripherals to Upper primary schools in the state. It is informed that the available computers shall be utilized for computer aided l.earning programme for the children. In this regard the supplied computers should be in working condition and it is decided to take up annual maintenance contract by identifying of 2 or 3 agencies in the district keeping in view area 1distance. The Annual Maintenance Contract charges shall be paid from AMC grants of CAL schools. Already AMC charges @ Rs. 25001- per CAL School has
" been released from State Project Office SSA Telangana. For identification of the agencies 

Following instructions shall be followed. Further the project officers informed that the supplied
computers in the year 13-14 need not be taken AMC as they are already under warranty
  1. The Project Officer to identify 2 or 3 agencies for maintenance and functionality of
  2. computers in CAL schools keeping in view the area 1distance of CAL school as per SSA
  3. Procurement norms
  4. The identified agency should take care of repairs for providing small parts exce~
  5. Motherboard, Hard disk, Processor.
  6. The agency should attend the CAL school once in a Month for checking up the Computer,
  7. Ups, Printers etc.
  8. Quarterly payment should be made on the satisfaction of the performance of the agency by
  9. the School Complex Head Master. The period of contract will be for one year only.
  10. The agency should solve software problem like formatting, RAM, cleaning and vi~~i
  11. installation, booting and set up under AMC.
  12. Physical damage of all systems and printers will not be covered in AMC.
  13. Theft spares are not covered under AMC in all systems.
  14. Click Here to Download Proc..Rc.No.16/ SSAlT4IDEC/2014-1, Dated: 09.12.2014. 

The Detailed instructions are shown in Annual Maintenance Contract Document.
Further, the Project Officers are informed to identify 2 or 3 agencies for Annual Maintenance
Contract in CAL Schools immediately and inform the name of the agency to CAL Schools. The
Compliance report shall be furnished to State Project Office within one month. ~'
This has got the approval of the State Project Director SSA Telangana ~