Sunday, January 11, 2015

SSC-2015 Nominal Rolls Correction Instructions to HMs

Instructions / User Manual to Head Masters for
Making Corrections in the Nominal Rolls.
SSC-2015 Nominal Rolls Correction
1.Visit website
2.Download the ‘User Manual for making Corrections in Nominal Rolls’ from “Quick Links”.
3.Read the User Manual thoroughly before proceeding further.
4. Click “Online Application Form” link from “Quick Links”.
5.HMs can make corrections if any in the Students Data with reference to the original School records except Date of Birth, Photo and Signature.
6.Before making online corrections in the web site, make necessary corrections in the MNRs and update in the Web site.
7.If Head Master wants to make corrections, click the ‘Edit’ button.
8.The Head Master can correct the fields given below through online
a)Student Name
b)Father’s Name
c)Mother’s Name
e)PH Status
g)Caste Category
i)1st Language
j)2nd Language
k)Additional Subject (in case of Vocational / OSSC Students).
l)Identification Marks
9.For the correction of the Date of Birth the Head Master should send the proposals to The Director of Govt. Exams duly counter signed by the Dy. Educational Officer. The following documents shall be enclosed along with the proposals.
a)Report of the Head Master mentioning the reasons for the change of Date of Birth.
b)Copy of the admission register thoroughly counter singed by the Dy. EO concerned.
c)Copy of the admission form thoroughly counter singed by the Dy. EO concerned.
d)The proposals should be submitted in the DGE office through DEO concerned.
10.For change of Photograph, take the print out of the Application Form from the web site and paste the correct photo in the ‘Photo Change’ box provided under the existing Photograph. Also take the student’s signature in the ‘Signature Change’ box provided. The Application should be counter signed by the Head Master and submit in the DGE office through DEO concerned.
11.After modifications, Click ‘Print’ button to print Student information.
12.After making necessary corrections the Head Master shall click the ‘Confirm’ button.
13.After thoroughly ensuring that the Student information is 100% accurate, then click ‘Confirm’ button. Once ‘Confirm’ button is clicked, ‘Edit’ option will be blocked.
14.Take two printouts of the information of the Students of all the Streams, obtain the signature of the concerned students, duly affixing the signature of the Head Master also. One set can be preserved for office purpose and other set shall be sent to DGE office along with the following information.
15.In case of New Schools, the Head Master can login with their Temporary School Code already assigned to them. Once they login, they will get ‘Permanent School Code’ in message box. They have to use Permanent School code for all the future correspondence