Monday, January 12, 2015

Rc 2834 Certain Instructions to HMs on MDM

Rc No 2834 Dated 09.01.2015 MDM- Supply of Super Fine Rice for Mid Day Meal in Schools-Certain Instuctions to HMs to be followed at school Point

Instructions to Headmasters on MDM:

  1. All the schools must use Superfine Rice only to serve Mid Day Meals and the balance stock of rice supplied in the previous months should not be used any more in any school for MDM purpose
  2. Sometimes, there may be delay in reaching school point by the route officers accompanying the rice in such cases, The HMs to be present in the schools till the arrival of the transport vehicle and recieve the stock of the superfine Rice. If they leave the school before the arrival of the vehicle, it will difficult for Route Officer to hand over the Rice partaining to that particular school 
  3. The HMs are requested to enter the balance of rice of the previous months and keep the stock safely
  4. The Dy.E.Os and MEOs are instructed to conduct some scientific study and obtain feedback from the children and parents by selecting 2 to 3 schools in each M<andal to know about their satisfaction level and also wheather the quantity now served is sufficient or not
  5. To Return the balance stock of rice of the previous months at the MLS/fair price shops as per the instructions of the Civil Supply Department in proper manner and maintain account for the same
  6. To recieve the Superfine Rice as per the weight mentioned on the bags and maintain stock, Issue and other related records properly
  7. Take precausions for the safe custody of the stock to prevent theft and pilferage
  8. For any kind of irregularities of misuse of superfine rice actions will be initiated against the person responsible
  9. Click here to Download Rc.2834 Date 09.01.2015