Monday, January 12, 2015

Supply of Multimedia Programmes for 1st Class under CAL Programme

Proc.Rc.No.16/ SSAlT4IDEC/2014, Dated: 12-:61.2015.
Sub: - TSSA, Hyderabad - Distance Education - Supply of Multi Media programmes for 1st class children to CAL schools - Reg.

All the Project Officers and District Educational Officers are hereby informed that, the Multi Media programmes for 1st class children have been developed to provide to Computer Aided Learning schools in the State.
Therefore, the Project Officers are informed to instruct the Academic Monitoring Officers to receive the above material while attending the planning meeting and instruct to bring the vehicle from the project to receive the material at SIET, Ramanthapur, Hyderabad.
Further, the Project Officers are requested to supply the Multi Media pouches consisting of 21 DVDs to CAL schools and ensure that Head Masters should enter in the stock register and utilize for the children. The list of supplied material is enclosed herewith.
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