Saturday, February 7, 2015

DSC wise SGTs Arrears in PRC after Fixation of RPS-2015

PRC Fixation Arrears | RPS-2015 Arrears in PRC for Secondary Grade Teachers | DSC wise Arrears for SGTs of DSCs 2006, 2008 and 2012 | Arrears for Secondary Grade Teachers in RPS-2015 those who are in NPS/CPS

We know that for those employees who are in Old Pension System i.e GPF A/c holders, their Arrears will be credited in their respective GPF Accounts but where as who are in New Pension System i.e Appointed after 01.04.2004 employees have PRAN A/cs. Whatever Arrears they get paid in cash. 90% of Arrears will be paid by cash and 10% will be creidted in PRAN. Here are the details of Arrears for DSC-2006, DSC-2008 and DSC-2012