Saturday, February 7, 2015

How to Get Teachers Updates on WhatsApp Directly

Dear Friends....Now a days using of  Social Medea is Increa a lot by using Smart Phones. Common people also using Smart phones. At smart phones most people are having Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter Accounts very commonly. Actually, Social Medea become a powerfull weapon to share their ideas and pass new among them. Hence we decided to send Latest updates about teachers, Education Department and usefull information to Teachers through Whatsapp Directly, not in group because in Whatsapp group it is becoming horrible as group participants are sending messages like Goodmorning, Goodafternnon, Good Evening and Goodnight. It may irritate us  some times because repeatedly we get messages and also we may not have time to see them all.

So we (TSTEACHERS) have no groups. We are sending messages to Whats App holders directly (Indivisually, not in group) Here are the Step by step Process to recieve our messages

Step by Step Process to Recieve Our WhatsApp Messages Directly (Not in Group)

  1. Please save our whatsapp Phone Number 9491675215 in your contacts with name TSTEACHERS.IN
  2. After Adding our phone number you can see our number with whats App Symbol
  3. Then you have to send us a message through WhatsApp only with details Name, Mandal and Dist.
  4. Congratlations you have completed the process you will be served Latest Educational Updates Directly