Memo No 1538 TS PRC Fixation Bills Should Submit Online at Treasure Site not Manually

Memo No 1538 TS PRC Fixation Online | Revised Pay Scales-2015 PRC Fixation Online through DDO Request at Treasury Website Only, not Manual | DTA Telangana Instuctions  to Telangana RPS-2015 Fixation of Employees Audit and Claims Online Only | Process to Telangana PRC Fixation Online at Treasure Website | 

  1. The claims should be invariable admitted through DDO Request and by this Process the system would allow the claims of incumbent only once
  2. The Claims should be incumbent wise rather than group bill
  3. Since claim is being admited through DDO Request, the data would be easily Migrated to the CFMS package as would when it become operational 
  4. Software Module for PRC Claims preperation is available on DDO request Login
  5. Click here to Download Memo No 1538 -DTA Telangana Instructions on PRC Fixation Online

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