Monday, May 11, 2015

Proc 77 Haritha Haaram-Haritha Patashala Operational Guidlines

DSE Telangana, Hyderabad Proc No 77 Haritha Haaram-Haritha Patashala -Telanganaku Haritha Haaram Operatinal Guidlines.THH Operatinal Guidlines for Implementation of THH-Action Plan Communicated

Implementation of the initiative of the Government of Telangana by the Department of School Education, Telangana, Hyderabad

Directorate of School Education, Telangana, Hyderabad
Targeted areas:
  1. There are 43861 schools in the state including 14329 private schools.
  2. 10 DEO offices and 464 MEO offices
  3. Block plantation in vacant land inside 43861schools, landscaping in the 29,785 schools are having compound walls and in 40,346 schools water is available.
  4. out of 28707schools, 16269 schools have compound walls, 23679 schools  having water facility

Role of Dy.E.O/M.E.O
  1. ·        Ensuring  training/planning and implementation of the plantation in all schools.
  2. ·        Coordination with local offices of the Forest Department etc.
  3. ·        Organizing of plantation drives involving schools, local community etc.
  4. ·        Monitoring and documentation of the progress of work at Divisional /Mandal level.

Role of Head Master and Teachers
  1. ·        Ensuring planning and implementation of the plantation in their respective school along with school management committees
  2. ·        Ensuring watering of plants and watch & ward.
  3. ·        Identification areas in the school for plantation and landscaping.
  4. ·        Coordination with local office of the Forest Department/Nursery.
  5. ·        Organizing of plantation drive involving all the students of their school.
  6. ·        Reviving  of National Green Corps.
  7. ·        Weekly one period  will be earmarked as 'Green Period' and it will be incorporated in the Academic Calendar.
  8. ·        Documentation of the progress of work at Divisional /Mandal level.

Role of Students
  1. ·        To participate in the plantation drive conducted in their school.
  2. ·        Motivate fellow students to participate actively in the plantation drives
  3. ·        Every student shall adopt one plant and take care of its watering and  proper growth.
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