Monday, May 11, 2015

TS GO No 324-Telangana Formation Day Celebrations -2015

Telangana State Formation Day Celebrations-2015 | June-02 Telangana Formation Day Celebrations in Telangana | YAT & C Department – Telangana Formation Day Celebrations - 2015 - Release of funds to all the District Collectors and Director, Department of Culture towards “Telangana State Formation Day Celebrations” – Orders – Issued.

O R D E R :

  1. In the reference first read above, orders were issued, releasing an amount of Rs.20,00,00,000/-
  2. (Rupees Twenty Crores Only) to the Director, Department of Culture, Telangana State, Hyderabad
  3. towards “Telangana State Formation Day Celebrations - 2015”.
  4. In the reference 2nd read above, certain guidelines were issued for conducting “Telangana State Formation Day Celebrations -2015 ” throughout the State in a befitting manner.
  5. In the reference 3rd read above, the Director, Department of Culture, Hyderabad has furnished tentative expenditure statement towards presentation of Awards.
  6. Government, after careful examination of the matter hereby, permits the Director, Department of Culture, Hyderabad to release an amount of Rs. 7,02,64,680/- (Rupees seven crores two lakhs sixty four thousand six hundred and eighty only) to all the ten district for incurring the expenditure towards presentation of awards during the “Telangana State Formation Day Celebrations - 2015” and also permit the Director, Department of Culture to incur an expenditure for an amount of Rs. 50,05,800/- (Rupees fifty lakhs five thousand and eight hundred only) towards the State Level Awards during the “Telangana State Formation Day Celebrations - 2015” at Hyderabad, as enclosed to this order.
  7. The expenditure shall be met under the following head of account :
  8. “2205-Art and Culture – M.H.- 001 – Direction and Administration – G.H. 11 – Normal State
  9. Plan – S.H.(01) - Head Quarters Office (DOC) – 500 – Other charges – 503 –Other expenditure”.
  10. The amount for Cultural celebrations will be issued separately.
  11. The Director, Department of Culture, Hyderabad shall take necessary action following due procedure.