Thursday, May 21, 2015

Rc 1575-Re-Engaging of IERPs for the year 2015-16-Orders Issued by TSSA

TSSA Hyderabad-Inclusive Education-Re Engaging of IERPs for the year 2015-16 Certain Instructions issued
In continuation to the instructions cited it is decided that to re engage IERPS from 1st June 2015. However, all IERPs who were working during academic year 2014-15 need to be apprised. The schedule to complete the process of apprisal and for re engagement is as follow

  1. Apprisal by MEO       -                                           22.05.2015
  2. Apprisal by Dist IE Coordinator-                        25.02.2015
  3. Approval of the list by Dist Collector                 27.05.2015
  4. Re engagement of IERPs                                  01.06.2015
  5. Click here to Download Rc 1575 Dt 13.05.2015