Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Swacha Patashala Mobile App-Swacha Patashala Website

Swacha Bharath-Swacha Patashala Mobile App | Swacha Patashala Website | TSSA, Hyderabad – Mobile application of Swachh Patashala Website for monitoring of construction of new toilets and repairs to dysfunctional toilets in schools – Certain instructions – Issued.

Swacha Patashala Mobile App Instructions:
  1. District users have to see all the menus in the website i.e., http://swachhpatashala.com
  2.      All the Project Officers, Sectoral Officers, Executive Engineers and MIS Coordinators of SSA at district level are responsible for uploading of photos in the website.
  3. “Swachh Patashala” mobile app can be installed in only Android mobile phones.

Guidelines for uploading photos in the website:
  1.       The photos can be uploaded with the help of CRPs, HMs, Site Engineers, ASO, APOs and MIS Coordinators
  2.           Passwords are set in two types
    1. One is Website password for district user to open monitoring uploading status
    2. Another is for Mobile App password for uploading of photos, stage, description, name, contact number (Default password)
    3. District user can only view all the data including school codes and all others view all data except school codes.
    4. Activate GPS service in mobile phone
    5. Select two types of constructions
    6. Construction of new toilet (OR)
    7. Dysfunctional toilet
    8. Enter school code and default mobile app password.
    9. Take two photos of each toilet as mentioned above. Once photos are uploaded, they can’t be deleted. Don’t shake mobile while taking photos and wait till clear photos are taken. (If photo is clear click “OK” otherwise click again to take photos).
  3. All the files, photos, stage, description, name, contact number are mandatory and then only enable submit button in mobile otherwise submit button is disable. After uploading all data successfully, message will appear. Then click “EXIT”