Friday, September 25, 2015

Guidlines to Claim Education Tution Fee Reimbursement


In PRC 2015 Rs.2500 (As per G.O.Ms.No.27 Dt:24-9-2015)

  1. Emoyees who are drawing a pay in the time scale 26600-77030 and below are eligible for sanction Edn.fee reimburesement.
  2. Sanction Orders should be supported by school fee receipts in original
  3. The School should be recognised by Govt.of TS of AP
  4. If one of the parent is gazetted officer and  the other is a non-gazetted,concession is not admissible.
  5. The claim is restricted to Rs.2500/- per child per annum in respect of students studying frm 1st class to Intermediate&the scheme limited to 2 children of NGOs.
  6. Bills shall be drawn on pay bill form TPTC Form-47.
  7. The concession is applicable to all non-gazetted/class-IV employees drawing salaries under 010 head.