Friday, September 18, 2015

Rc 815 Certain Clarification on Prefixing or Suffixing while vacations or Terminal Holidays

Rc No 815 Dt 01.09.1999 Certain clarification on absence on the re opening day or closing day of vacations of schools.

As per the rules in force, if any teacher who was present on the last working day and is absent on the re opening day of the school or was absent on the re opening day of the school he/she may be sanctioned Earned Leave (EL) for the days He/She was absent, suffixing of prefixing the Summer Vacation. Similar action may also be taken in the case of terminal holidays (Dasara, Sankranthi ) which exceed 14 days and sanction the leave to which they are eligible duly suffixing of prefixing the terminal holidays   
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