Saturday, November 18, 2017

CCE Hindi Project Works for 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th Classes Download

CCE Hindi Project Works for 6th to 10th Classes Download

Project Works for Second Language Hindi for All classed Download | Download Lesson wise Class wise Project Works for Hindi with printable quality | Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation CCE Formative Assessment Project Works for Hindi classes VI to X AP Telangana Hindi Teachers can use this material to suggest Project works to their Students

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Project Works for Hindi Download

CCE project Works plays improtant role in evaluation process. Every Formative Assessment should have project work. Teachers have to suggest Project works to children and should superwise them to complete it. There is some particular Process in doing project. Awarding Marks also should be in proper manner

What is Project?
Children coming to a conclusion by Collecting information, Observing, Analising th data collected in a natural atmophere

Why Project work should do?
Teaching Learning Process should be happened in pleasant atmosphere

How should be a Project?
It should at Childrens Level and there should be chance deveide work
Resources should be available
Low cost or No cost
It should be implementable


  1. Name of the Project
  2. Way of Collecting Information
  3. Collected Information
  4. Resources
  5. Process
  6. Tablation ( Tables, Pictures, Questions )
  7. Analysis and Conclusion
  8. Name of the Group members

How we should award Marks to a Project

  1. Collection of  DATA  5 Marks
  2. Display of DATA 5 Marks
  3. Process 3 Marks
  4. Tabulation 2 Marks
  5. Presentation 5 Marks