Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Subject wise CCE Monitoring Guidelines for FA and SA in Telangana

Subject wise CCE Monitoring Guidelines  for FA and SA in Telangana

Subject wise Guidelines to Monitor Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation CCE for Formative Assessment FA and Summative Assessment SA in Telangana. CCE Subject wise Guidelines on Monitoring


Subject wise Guidelines on CCE Monitoring 

Summative Assessment SA 

  1. For SA 1 Evaluation use DCEB Question Papers
  2. Cross Check the question and Answer papers in Pvt Schools
  3. Check wheather teachers have awarded marks as per the norms or not
  4. Teachers have to enter the marks in CCE Registers
  5. Answer Scripts should be sent to parents and obtain Signature
  6. Cumulative Record should be sent to parents and obtain signature
  7. Monitoring team should discuss with Headmaster on performance of Children ans suggest him/her on Action Plan

Formative Assessment FA

  1. Book Review will be conducted for 6th to 10th classes
  2. Participation and Reflection of Children
  3. Book Review should be conducted in Telugu Hindi English 
  4. Book Review should be conducted other than book lessons
  5. Students should write Book Review on different books and issues
  • Preliminary Details of the Book
  • Brief Explanation on the Topic
  • Openion of the Student

Criteria for Awarding Marks
  1. Primary Details 2 Marks
  2. Title
  3. Writers Name Publications of the Year and Price
  4. Main Details 5 Marks
  5. Charectors
  6. Brief Summary
  7. Self Reflections
  8. Presentation before the class 3Marks

Children Written Works

It should be administered for 10 marks for each unit
Answer to Analytical questions Grammar Vocabulary exercises

Criterial for Awarding Marks
  • Ideas conveyed sequectially
  • Well Formedness of Sentences
  • Conventions of writing
  • Relevant Language

Project Works

Criterial for Awarding Marks ( Total 10 Marks )
  • Primary Details 1 Mark
  • Project Title
  • purpose of the Project
  • Resources
  • Report Preperation with reflections 5 Marks
  • Presentation of the Report 4 Marks