Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Dr YSR Telemedicine Programme in Andhra Pradesh - Details

Dr YSR Telemedicine Programme in Andhra Pradesh - Details
Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Sri YS Jaganmohan Reddy launched Dr YSR Telemedicine Program as part of Coronavirus Control Program. Dr. YSR Tele Medicine 'How it works. Toll Free Number 14410 Allocation for Telemedicine Implementation. By the end of this month, 286 doctors and 114 executives came forward to volunteer in the program. They all provide health services in three shifts from 8 am to 6 pm. Tele Medicine's purpose is to identify Covid-19 cases, to isolate, test, send to quarantine. Doctors ' instructions and advice on telephone for Opel services and medicines. Doctors have access to the Internet. The technical assistance technology is available from the team.

Three-step ' Dr. YSR TeleMedicine Working Machanism

Step I
14410 If patients give missed call on toll free number. The system will enter the mobile number and all the details.
Then the executive ∙ will call the patient and find out the full details of the place, age and the symptoms they are staying in.
The patient will be given an identification number (ID)

Step II
All the patient details are visible to all the doctors who are connected to the tele-medicine system.
At that time someone in a team of doctors will receive the call and provide the OTP services.
The doctors will inform the patient of the tests and medicines to be conducted.
The symptoms of  disease are identified by the Kovid-19 suspected patients.
Then the treatment details through SMS are provided to the patient.
Video consultation is also available in case of 👉 required

Step III
The creation of lists of Covid-19 suspected cases. 
Those patients will be required to undergo the tests, quarantine, and isolation along with basic health centres for treatment (PhD), District and state level.
These lists are sent to the district offices. All the steps to be taken are done properly.

Medical Officer-PHC are sent to medical officers at primary health centres are specially packed with the required medicines for each patient and sent directly to the patients through Asha workers, NGOs and village ward volunteers.
The program to provide medicines to non-kovid patients will continue.